Stuttgart (AP) - In the process of an attack on a gold transporter near Ludwigsburg more than eleven years ago, several robbers who have already been convicted are to testify in court today (10.30 a.m.)

The rapper Xatar (“All or nothing”) is one of them.

The men, who had already served their sentences for a number of years, had the van coming from Nuremberg disguised as a tax investigation police officer at the end of 2009 from the Autobahn 81 near Ludwigsburg and lured it straight into the trap.

According to official information, they stole 120 kilos of jewelry and dental gold worth an estimated 1.7 million euros during the robbery.

There is still no trace of the prey to this day.

Six men were later sentenced to between four and nine and a half years in prison.

A suspected seventh accomplice has had to answer before the district court since last week.

The German is said to have driven one of the cars involved in the coup and brought the loot to safety.

The now 36-year-old family man from the Bonn area vehemently denies the allegations.

According to the public prosecutor's office, the man is the only suspect who is still being investigated in connection with the gold robbery.


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