The European Commission (EC) will propose a bill later this month for proof that the wearer can demonstrate that he or she has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

EC chairman Ursula von der Leyen announced this on Monday.

The governments of the EU countries and the European Parliament must then agree to it.

Von der Leyen envisions a European digital green pass.

"We will introduce a bill in March," said the EC president in a video meeting Monday morning with MEPs from her own party, the German CDU.

Then, according to her, it becomes clear what the certificate should look like in concrete terms.

Southern EU countries have long been pushing for a vaccination passport with which they hope to welcome tourists again next summer.

But other Member States still have many questions about such a certificate.

Especially about what you should be allowed to do with it.

In addition, many EU government leaders find it difficult to sell that vaccinated people may receive more rights, while others have not yet had the chance to receive an injection.

Von der Leyen previously warned that it already takes three months to make only the vaccination certificate technically possible.

This would mean that time is running out with the holiday season approaching.