• Madrid and Barcelona, ​​urban warfare and police charges in protests for rapper Pablo Hesel


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea

01 March 2021 There are six Italians, including a girl, among the 14 arrested on Saturday 27 February in Barcelona during the demonstrations to demand the release of rapper Hasél.

The Spanish media reported it.

The news of the arrest was confirmed by the Catalan police who informed the Italian Consulate in Barcelona.

The councilor of the Interior of Catalonia Miquel Sàmper described the Italian arrested as people "linked to the anarchist movements who demonstrated" violent conduct ". anarchist".

The Italian Consulate has asked the Spanish authorities to know what the alleged crimes are and if the detentions have been validated and is awaiting official information on the matter.

In the meantime, the Consulate is available to provide any assistance to the arrested children and their families, although no requests have been received so far.

For several weeks, demonstrations have been held in all major cities of Spain to demand the release of rapper Hasél which often degenerate into clashes with the security forces, as happened on Saturday in Barcelona, ​​leading to arrests.

Known for his far-left views, Hasél was sentenced to nine months in prison for comparing Juan Carlos to a mafia boss and accusing police of torturing and killing protesters and migrants.