Specialists confirmed that it leads to subsequent problems and affects the national identity

3 "flimsy" reasons why citizens marry foreigners

  • Young people who want to marry foreign women pay attention to the expenses and do not consider the subsequent problems.



Specialists have spotted three reasons, which they described as "weak", behind the marriage of citizens with foreigners, most notably the high costs of marriage, the high cost of dowries, and the interest between the spouses, stressing that they are false allegations that lead to many subsequent problems.

They emphasized that the continued increase in the number of cases of marriage between citizens and foreigners, claiming the high costs of marriage and the high cost of dowries, is nothing but a justification for which society pays later, due to the effects and extraneous customs that negatively affect the identity of society, especially if the foreign wife is the first wife, and they are demanding the necessity of setting conditions A minute to allow a citizen to marry foreigners is the necessity of educating the bride about the culture and national identity, in addition to mastering the Emirati dialect.

Recent federal statistics, recorded in four emirates in the country from the beginning of last year until last August, revealed that 337 cases of non-citizen marriage were recorded.

In detail, a member of the Federal National Council, a social specialist in the family guidance department at the Dibba Fujairah Court previously, Sabreen Hassan Al Yamahi, said that the tendency of young men to marry foreign women, claiming the increase in the cost of marrying female citizens and the rise in dowries, is unreal, especially in light of the repercussions of the "Covid-19" pandemic. The precautionary measures taken by the government to ensure control of this epidemic from closing the marriage halls and giving up the ostentation, and the expenses that were spent to complete the marriage ceremony, all worked to reduce marriage expenses.

Al Yamahi stressed the need for state institutions to join forces by providing training programs and workshops that simulate the programs offered by the Marriage Fund to be specialized in educating the foreign wife and introducing her to Emirati culture and identity, given the importance of her role in instilling values ​​and culture in her children, in addition to the need to provide educational programs that enable the foreign wife to learn The Emirati dialect, to protect the dialect from any distortion that may affect it over time for future generations, or mixing it with foreign foreign words due to the mother’s foreign nationality, explaining that “many children have a mixed accent as a result of their non-citizen mother not speaking the dialect properly.”

She called for the transparency of statistics issued by government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice and Social Development, which must clarify the negatives and problems facing families in which the wife is not a citizen, stressing that young men who are about to marry non-citizens pay attention to reducing expenses through marriage to a foreigner without paying attention to the problems that are encountered. You may face them later, especially if the marital life reaches a dead end and ends in divorce, then the children will bear the consequences of this marriage.

Attorney Rashid Al-Hafiti supported her opinion, saying that there are successful marriage stories in which the wife was not a citizen and it cannot be confirmed that marriage without citizenship is a negative or preventive matter for young people who want it, and there are many cases of marriage with a woman of a foreign or Arab culture that had a negative impact. On the children, especially since the young man, after a period of marriage, refuses to raise his children in a foreign manner and finds it incorrect, as a result of the mother's establishment of extraneous customs to the Emirati society in her children who speak the language and culture of their mother fluently, while their Emirati accent remains weak.

He pointed out that the frequent marriage with foreign women will make a change in the vocabulary of the Emirati dialect and create a gap between grandparents and children, and will lead to difficult communication between them, pointing out that there is a real gap in some families between grandparents and their grandchildren, and communication between them is almost non-existent due to the difference in the culture and language of the grandchildren, for their enjoyment of customs And alien cultures that may be rejected in the Emirati society.

Al-Hafiti stressed that the continuation of marriage without citizenship is due to the encouragement of young people for some due to the high costs of weddings and the exaggeration of dowries, especially if it was his second marriage, in addition to the existing interest in marriage if the young man is a partner in a business with a foreigner or he is from the category of people of determination that is often faced Problems in marrying female citizens, pointing out that the percentage of female citizens who are over 30 years old without marriage is unsatisfactory, stressing that the female citizen is most capable of being a mother incubator for her children and raising them on Emirati values ​​and ancient heritage, instead of going to marry non-citizens.

For her part, the lawyer, Counselor, Fatima Al Ali, confirmed that the impact of divorce and its problems in families when the wife is a citizen is much less than the foreign wife, indicating that when a citizen wife decides to separate, she will accompany her children and return to live in the custody of her family that bears the same customs and language of the father, which the grandfather will establish. And grandmother in the hearts of grandchildren.

She added that a foreign divorced woman would be responsible for raising children and establishing them on another culture and heritage that does not belong to the state, which causes the loss of their identity in light of their direct mixing with the family of the foreign mother and the consolidation of her habits with them, which increases the cultural gap between children and their peers in schools and others.

She indicated that the effect of non-citizen marriage appears in the long run, as entering new customs that were not permitted in society.

Al Ali pointed out that when the son grows up from a non-citizen wife, is in a suitable job and has a good income, and proposes to marry the girl of his dreams, he may be rejected by some families who refuse to marry their daughters to a man from a foreign mother.

The negatives of marrying foreign women

A family and social interest in a court in the Eastern Province, Amal Ahmed Al-Omani, said that non-citizen wives are a problem that creates many negative points in society, if young men consider that their marriage to a foreigner reduces the financial cost, or because there is an interest between the spouses such as a partnership in work, or it is one of the people of determination. And in need of permanent care or to be a second wife, noting that these allegations are not entirely true, as marrying from abroad is not less expensive than marrying a citizen.

She pointed out that there are various consequences for marrying foreign women that appear after a period of engagement, pointing out that some foreign wives require a private residence, while a citizen is satisfied with living with his family without objection, and that the citizen husband is obliged to send the wife annually to visit her family. It requires costs and directly affects the language and culture of the children, as the wife asks to bring her family, whether for a picnic or for a visit, and this costs the husband additional financial burdens, on the contrary, if he is married to a citizen, in addition to the husbands sending money to help the families of their wives.

Preserving the national identity

Sabreen Hassan Al Yamahi, a member of the Federal National Council, a social specialist in the family guidance department at the Dibba Fujairah Court, confirmed that the citizen wife is of a high culture and does not lack beauty, manners, or morals, and the argument for excessive expenses and excessive dowries is incorrect, because most of the female citizens Female employees in governmental and federal institutions and private companies who do not lack the material, which helps the husband financially.

She called on young men who want to marry foreign women to take responsibility for their homeland and their national identity, and to preserve it and root it in their children, through the best choice for the mother, even if she is a citizen, he must choose who will share this national responsibility, and young people do not take an excuse for the high costs of marrying female citizens and put it as a real obstacle in front of them. Many young people borrow from banks to buy the best vehicles, whose value amounts to 200 thousand dirhams and more, then they invoke financial reasons for reluctance to marry female citizens.


The case of male non-citizen marriage in 4 emirates within 8 months.

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