01 March 2021The best song of the first Golden Globes of the Covid era, is "I yes" by Diane Warren sung by Laura Pausini for the film with Sophia Loren Life ahead of her.

The text of the Italian version was written by Laura Pausini and Niccolò Agliardi while the text and music in the original version were composed by the American composer Diane Warren.

Connected from her home, the Italian musician thanks in Italian and English: "I'm so proud I have goosebumps. Thank you very much" she says in Italian and then thanks Edoardo Ponti and Sophia Loren and of course Diane Warren.

The announcement today at the Hollywood Foreign Press Awards

Edoardo Ponti's film "Life in front of himself", which had entered the five nominations, is beaten by "Minari" which wins the award for best foreign film of 2020. Written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, the semi - Autobiography tells the story of a South Korean family trying to recreate a life in rural America in the 1980s.