● Nobel Prize winners' public sniper of Ramsay…

More than 2,800 seniors,



's distorting dissertation of victims of comfort women, is growing uncontrollably by US economists.

There are already close to 2,800 participating scholars, and many academic leaders have participated.

The Nobel Prize winner was also signed by Harvard University professor Eric Maskin.

Another Nobel Laureate, Alvin Ross and Paul Milgrom, professor of economics at Stanford University, launched a public sniping of Professor Ramsey.

Alvin Ross was a professor who won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics and Paul Milgrom last year.

They read Professor Ramsey's paper, which is the hottest topic in American academia, and released a separate statement.

Full details are as follows.

The two of us have been thinking and talking about the article by Professor Ramseyer, which is distressing in so many ways.

(We can't help being reminded of Holocaust denial.) The soundness of an historical account should be judged based on a review of the evidence, which can never be overruled by some simple game theory model.

The appeal Professor Ramseyer makes to game theory provides no support for his claims.

Al Roth and Paul Milgrom.

Two Nobel Prize winners pondered and talked about Professor Ramsey's thesis, and expressed that it was painful in many ways.

The thesis wrote that it had no choice but to remind people who denied that there was no Holocaust.

Even the best scholars of the time were the first to think of the forces that denied the Holocaust in response to Professor Ramsey's claim of denying the forced mobilization of comfort women victims.

It was argued that historical explanations should be based on evidence, and that in a word, game theory is not used at all.

Professor Ramsey, a legal economist, condemned his attempts to defend even war crimes with a game theory with a slightly cooler name, as the best of real game theory, in decent terms, sounds ridiculous.

In particular, it is significant that Alvin Ross and Paul Milgrom even left traces of their analysis and discussion of the thesis.

Their comments are expected to have a great impact on the academic community as well.

● Nobel laureates''Ramzier attack' domino continues,

but what's even more interesting is that Professor Alvin Ross sent his statement to four other Nobel laureates in economics.

They are Robert Wilson, Professor at Stanford University, Roger Myerson, Professor at the University of Chicago, Jean Titol, Professor at the University of Toulouse 1 in France, and Oliver Hart, a professor at Harvard University.

He even sent a message to fellow professors in the so-called Nobel Prize Inner Circle, saying,'I made a statement like this, so please take a look at it and join us.'

I don't think Alvin Ross just delivered an email without end or end.

It appears to have been sent to a Nobel Prize-winning colleague who is most likely to participate and who will be angry with these issues.

This behavior is by no means common.

In American academia, where academic freedom is very important, it is likely to be recorded as a historical event that Nobel Prize winners e-mail each other and encourage dissenting opinions about other people's thesis.

● Professor Ramsey, who can't even breathe...

What is the journal's decision?

After accusing Professor Seok Ji-young of Harvard Law School that there is no contract for prostitution for Korean comfort women victims, Professor Ramsey is unable to even breathe.

While reporting to the New York Times, I tried to cover Professor Ramsey's reaction, but I got no answer.

The reason why Professor Ramsey from the law school was pushed to The Corner was because he was caught trying to distort the historical issue using economic theory.

Now, even the Nobel Prize winners will be waiting for Ramsay's clarification with their eyes wide open. If you say something wrong, the thesis may not be a problem and the life of the scholar may end.

Now, the attention is focused on the international legal and economic review.

The journal that first published such a bogus thesis is not free from responsibility for this situation.

There is still a problem in that the editors, who are not cool even after being audited, are still re-examining the paper.

Even the best elders in the academic world cannot side with Professor Ramsey as they point out that the problem is serious, but just to withdraw, they have to admit their faults, and the journal editor seems to be in a difficult situation.

● Professor Dunjin, Assistant Editor, as a protest sign...

The courageous vocal scholars have

also identified an editor who raised the issue violently inside the paper.

Alex Lee, a Northwestern University professor who served as an assistant editor for six years, was a long and difficult persuasion, so I could hear the story through an interview.

He checked Professor Ramsey's paper after it had already been published online.

The content was so embarrassing that when I went out, it would be a big deal, and I raised the issue to several editors.

They persuaded that journals could not be a channel for fake news that distorts the history of comfort women victims.

He continued to raise the question, saying that he should accept the objection, and he directly asked Professor Seok Ji-young of Harvard Law School and other historians to prepare objection.

However, when there was no sign of acceptance of the withdrawal of the thesis, he threw his post as an assistant editor in protest.

He also played a leading role in this incident against Ramsey.

Looking at this situation, I realized that there were so many conscientious scholars who saw what was wrong and pointed out that it was wrong.

Thanks to their courageous voices, not only the dissertation problem of Professor Ramzier, who claimed that the comfort women were contract prostitutes, but also the flaws in the claims of some domestic far-rights who resembled this, are uncovered intact.