She emphasized the necessity of daily attendance in all learning styles

"Education and Knowledge" specifies 6 cases to allow students to be absent

Schools are required to communicate with the guardian in case a student is absent without an excuse.

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The Department of Education and Knowledge has identified six cases in which a student can be authorized to be absent «whether in the distance education system or in face-to-face education», including illness, death of a family member of the first or second degree, registered medical appointments, an official mission to serve the community, and compulsory appearing before the authorities Official, in addition to traveling with the family for emergency reasons, such as medical treatment, or the death of a family member, along with the need to obtain a letter signed by parents, or an official document proving and clarifying the reason for absence throughout this period.

In detail, the department emphasized the need for private schools to set up a system for students at home, enabling them to use the "login" feature daily, to follow the attendance and absence process, noting that attendance is mandatory for all types of learning (face-to-face or remotely), where the student is counted. Absent if he does not attend the scheduled lesson.

The department stressed the need for the school to communicate immediately with the guardian in the event that the student is absent without an excuse or if his cumulative absence rate reaches 10% or more, and for schools to keep records of attendance and absence to accurately follow up the attendance and absence of students, indicating the need for the student’s parents to notify The school pre-dates any planned absence, and submits the required documents to prove it.

The department stressed the need for school employees to adhere to working hours according to the school calendar, and in line with the agreed upon official working hours, noting that after consultation and agreement with the school, employees can continue to work remotely, if they suffer any health problems, while the employees must Those who suffer from any serious health conditions present a medical certificate proving their health condition, and school personnel must inform the school in advance of their absence, when possible, to ensure that students' educational process is not obstructed.

She pointed out that the policy of "Stay at home if you have doubts about infection" stipulates that the employee must stay in his home when feeling unwell, or any of the symptoms associated with the "Covid-19" virus appear on him, as he will not be allowed to enter school, and he will be isolated according to Accident management procedures, if symptoms of the disease appear clearly during the day, pointing out that the employee must submit a medical report in order to be allowed to return to work and enter the school building after his absence.

People of determination

The Department of Education and Knowledge confirmed that if it is decided that a student who belongs to the category of People of Determination will continue his education remotely, due to the seriousness of his situation, or because of the school’s inability to provide appropriate measures to ensure his safety, then in this case the school must provide these students with the educational materials necessary for their scientific development Psychological and behavioral, and the necessary support must be provided to students and parents to obtain educational resources, according to their requirements and levels.

She indicated that exempting any student of determination from returning to school is aimed at ensuring his health and safety, and the safety of other students, employees, and community members, and the school in this case must provide a comprehensive and clear educational material, to ensure the continuation of his academic, social, behavioral and psychological development during the period Distance learning, and the needs of the student and the requirements of his guardian must be taken into account when making any decision regarding the student.

Employees can continue to work remotely if they suffer from any health problems.


The maximum cumulative absence of students.

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