Insiders dreamed of a medal and braided the plots accordingly in the Oberstdorf World Cup doubles.

Dreams, hopes and tactical patterns hit the finish line when Joni Mäki brought Ristomatti Hakola's last message betrayed in the previous section to the finish line.

Only Johannes Hösflot Kläbo, Norway remained.

Hakola has complained in recent weeks that he cannot get up and running with free skiing.

After the silver skiing, he assured that he had spoken in good faith.

Hakola said she had carefully considered whether to send a double message at all.

The decision arose from confidence in Mäki's condition and his strengths in the decision-making stages of the competition.

- It was really close that I didn't watch this race on TV, Hakola, who finished 16th in the personal sprint, revealed.

Hakola and Mäki seemed to form the most peaceful duo of the Finnish team.

The achievement was at first even to mute the ready-made Hakola.

- Pretty empty.

A special feeling, as I have never hacked such a medal, Hakola seldom explained dripping words.

Hakola, who competed in the fifth value race, soon returned to his habits.

- Now you can get column space without stuff.

I save them a second time, Hakola came up with the next drug after recovering.

In the end, Hakola profusely distributed the medal to others.

- Joni is a world class anchor.

I knew that if he got some success with him, the medal would come, Hakola assured and continued to praise the ski service.

- We had a horrible ski.

Hakola also remembered the closest supporters.

- Dads and mothers have started (due to skiing) a few times from the car yard, Hakola added.

Mäki, who skied his other World Championships, said, like the coaching management, that he had a dream of a medal.

- I was dreaming and hoping for a medal when I came here.

I secretly waited a little for this, Mäki said.

However, the crash in the last leg of the first round frightened him badly once.

It was a drop from the duo final.

- Emotions quickly went from zero to one hundred today, Mäki admitted.

Mäki was able to make two strong draws in the doubles competition.

After the crash, he saved the team for a time comparison and climbed past Gläbo past Gleb Retiv.

- I got the keys (from Rise).

Fortunately, the Russian came from there.

At the finish, Mäki's first feeling was relief.

- The results have so avoided me this season, Mäki said.

The second place was followed by a loud Finnish riot in the vicinity of the finish area, which covered the Norwegian gold festival not.

The medal joy was boosted by the long wait for the men's team medal and the surprise of the achievement, despite the speeches that convinced me of firm faith.

The team teammates and the national team coach Marko Virtanen, who is familiar with sprint sports, were the most prominent in the medal, and their voice would be the highest.

- Dear guys, Virtanen greeted the Finnish duo with a shout after finishing.

Head coach Teemu Pasanen looked calm, but he also pulsed his speech more than usual.

- A little had to jump and roar over that hill.

Even such a calmer man got excited when the men got a long-chased team medal, Pasanen revealed his mood.