What is the intention of the US military for airstrikes in Syria at this time?

Netizens satirized "The War Machine is back"

  The U.S. military has airstrikes a number of facilities in eastern Syria and near the border between Syria and Iraq.

The United States said the target of this air strike was an armed organization supported by Iran.

This is the first confirmed military action launched by the US military since Biden took office as US president.

  At present, various parties have given different opinions on the casualties caused by air strikes.

The U.S. Department of Defense said that it has obtained preliminary information on casualties, but has not disclosed details.

An Iraqi military official said that the US airstrike caused one death and four injuries.

A source from a local medical institution in eastern Syria said that the airstrike caused at least 17 deaths.

In addition, American and British media reported that 22 people were killed in air strikes.

However, these claims have not been confirmed yet.

  So why did Biden choose Syria for his first military operation after taking office?

Why did the US military launch an attack at this time?

Why was the attack location chosen in eastern Syria?

What impact will this air strike have on the regional situation and the Iranian nuclear issue?

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  Many countries strongly condemn the U.S. air strikes on Syria

  After the air strikes, many countries issued statements, strongly condemning the United States for infringing upon Syria's sovereignty.

  The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the US air strikes against Syria

  The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 26th, strongly condemning the US air strikes against Syria.

The statement said that the US move not only flagrantly violated international law and the Charter of the United Nations, but also sent a negative signal about the policies of the new US government.

This move will lead to an escalation of the regional situation. Syria requires the US government to change its aggressive style and stop providing support to various forms of terrorist organizations.

Syria once again calls on the UN Security Council to assume the responsibility of maintaining international peace and security and prevent the United States, Israel and other countries from continuing to undermine Syria’s sovereign independence and territorial integrity.

  Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns US aggressive attacks on Syria

  On the evening of the 26th local time, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement stating that the illegal and aggressive attacks on eastern Syria by the US military were flagrant violations of human rights and violations of international law. Iran strongly condemned it.

  In recent years, the US military has illegally entered Syria and occupied parts of the country. It has been stealing Syria’s natural resources, including oil, and has violated the rights of the Syrian people.

  Russian Foreign Minister Says U.S. Intentions Never Withdraw from Syria

  In response to the US air strikes on targets in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated on the 26th that the US military presence in Syria is illegal. The US military has incited separatism on the ground and has blocked other countries including humanitarian aid by putting pressure on other countries. The supply of supplies to Syria.

According to information that Russia has from many sources, the United States has decided to maintain a permanent military presence in Syria.

  Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: We would like to ask the Americans directly. It is said that they decided not to withdraw from Syria until the country is destroyed.

  Lavrov also said that since the United States voted in the UN Security Council for the resolution of "respecting Syria's sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity", it should explain the reasons for the air strikes.

  Russia strongly condemns the air strikes and maintains communication with the Syrian government

  On the same day, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharov and Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov also condemned the US airstrike on Syria, saying that Russia is paying close attention to related events and continues to maintain communication with the Syrian government.

  Netizens satirized "The War Machine is back"

  The White House Press Secretary Psaki appointed by US President Biden once accused the Trump administration of airstrikes on Syria for infringement of sovereignty, and Biden has also criticized the Trump administration for assassinating Soleimani to intensify the situation in the region.

Now, just over a month after taking office, the new US government has flagrantly launched air strikes in Syria, ignoring the sovereignty of other countries.

This behavior attracted fierce criticism from netizens.

  In a statement, the U.S. Department of Defense stated that the operation was "to degrade the situation." Some netizens sarcastically said: "Is there any better way to degrade the conflict than air strikes!" Some netizens called out: "War Machine came back."

  Many netizens also turned up old accounts.

The current White House spokesperson Jane Psaki condemned the Trump administration’s air strikes on Syria in April 2017. She said at the time: “What is the legality of air strikes? Syria is a sovereign country.” Netizens forwarded her four. This paragraph of speech a year ago sarcastically said: "It's a good question."

  "As soon as Biden is elected, Syria will no longer be a sovereign country."

  "Jane must mean that when we are in power, the wrong things become legal."

  "It's amazing how quickly people change their attitudes out of political need."

  Biden himself has repeatedly criticized Trump’s policies for escalating the situation in dangerous areas on a large scale, especially with regard to the assassination of Soleimani, the commander of the “Quds Brigade” under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran in January 2020. Bye Den criticized Trump for "no right to go to war with Iran without the approval of Congress."

  Netizens reposted what he said at the time and wrote: "This is the man who just bombed Syria."

  Some netizens asked: "Are these words still valid? Or do you change as soon as you took power?" "Can someone tell me the definition of a hypocrite?!"

  During the campaign, Biden promised to "use force responsibly and use it as a last resort." This promise was also accused by netizens as "a lie."

  Some netizens used such a picture to ridicule that, in fact, whether it is the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, the essence of the bombing is the same, but the Democratic Party uses the slogan of respecting disadvantaged groups such as blacks and women to package the bombers better.