(Interview between the two sessions) The "Sweet Career" of Wu Yanyu, a returnee fruit farmer: Be the first practitioner of your own advice

  Chinanews, Chongqing, February 28th, title: "Sweet Career" of Returnee Fruit Farmer Wu Yanyu: Be the first practitioner of your own suggestions

  Reporter Zhong Yi

  "I am a representative of the National People's Congress from the rural grassroots and an entrepreneur." On many interview occasions, Wu Yan, the general manager of Chongqing Passion 100 Orange Juice Co., Ltd. introduced himself in this way and devoted himself to the front line of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in his hometown for 18 years. , She said: "I want to truly reflect the actual needs of the development of rural areas, agriculture, and farmers."

  Wu Yanyu grew up on the Yangtze River. His hometown, Zhongxian County, is located in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir.

In the millennium, Wu Yanyu was still studying in the United States. Occasionally at work, she learned that the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (Chongqing), Sao Paulo State in Brazil, and Florida in the United States were recognized as the three most suitable processing citrus production areas in the international citrus industry. .

With love for her homeland, she gave up overseas high-paying jobs in 2003 and joined Chongqing Passion Orange Juice Co., Ltd., hoping to improve the development level of the citrus industry through her own efforts, and work with the villagers to build a "citrus kingdom" to help farmers increase their income and get rid of poverty .

  From surveying terrain to reshaping the planting pattern, introducing overseas seeds to establishing the world's largest virus-free container seedling center for citrus... Wu Yanhe believes that the agricultural industry cannot stay in the traditional farming mode for a long time. Once the variety is single, the quantity is low and the quality is poor, the maturity period is short and concentrated. , If it is not suitable for processing, it is difficult for the industrial development to be competitive.

  Over the past 18 years, its company has started from the source. Through scientific selection and breeding, unified planning, standardized garden construction, and intensive scientific management, it has successively planned and constructed 220,000 acres of orchards, covering 160,000 fruit farmers, and owning China’s first fresh cold The orange juice production line has created China's first non-concentrated orange juice brand, achieving a breakthrough in China's zero export of fresh and cold orange juice.

  In Wu Yanyu's mind, the citrus industry is a "sweet industry".

If agriculture wants to go further, it can only continue to innovate and expand the "new rush".

After citrus planting enabled farmers to increase their income and become rich, Yan Wu began to focus more on extending the citrus industry chain and promoting the integration of agriculture, culture and tourism.

Wu Yanhe once put forward suggestions at the National People's Congress, advocating a civilized, healthy and green life in rural areas, further improving rural public cultural services, and strengthening the construction of a modern agricultural industrial technology system, all of which have received the attention of relevant government departments.

  She herself is the first practitioner of "suggestion".

  In 2019, the world’s first citrus botanical garden that integrates citrus resource reserves and tourism and viewing, and China’s only comprehensive large-scale citrus exhibition hall and science education base that integrates citrus history, citrus technology and achievements display The "township" pastoral complex was built and opened.

Wu Yanyu said that he expects China's 5,000-year history of citrus cultivation to be understood by more people.

  In 2020, its company will promote rural revitalization by developing a demonstration industrial chain of planting and breeding combined with ecological recycling and smart agriculture, and will start to promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries through high-tech such as 5G, big data, and agricultural Internet of Things.

Wu Yanhe said that she hopes to explore the establishment of a smart agricultural development model that is visible, usable, and replicable, and set a benchmark for the comprehensive development of agriculture, cultural and tourism across the country.

  In the past year, Wu Yan㛃 was also elected as the first batch of "People's Product Promotion Officials" by the All-China Youth Federation. He is committed to digging and promoting more outstanding Chinese agricultural products that are "raised in deep boudoirs" in order to open up the domestic industrial chain and supply chain. The unblocked phenomenon promotes the rapid development of new business formats such as e-commerce poverty alleviation.

Based on the research situation, she will submit suggestions on building an agricultural product brand system to help rural revitalization at this year's "two sessions".

  Wu Yanyu has always had a "citrus dream", this "dream" is like a puzzle, gradually being completed.

She said that the next step is to build a global citrus industry chain platform.

The platform will cover seedling output, base orchard management, fresh fruit sales, orange juice trade, technology output, technology transformation, etc. It will incubate and cultivate more agricultural brands through the "1+N" model, and jointly produce and provide more healthy food .