Syrian military says Israeli air strikes around Damascus

  Xinhua News Agency, Damascus, February 28 (Reporter Zheng Yihan and Wang Jian) ​​The Syrian military said on the 28th that Israel launched a missile attack on the surrounding area of ​​the Syrian capital Damascus that night, and the Syrian air defense system shot down most of the missiles.

  The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement that night that at 22:16 local time, the Israeli military launched an air strike from the direction of the Golan Heights it occupied, firing missiles at multiple targets around Damascus, and the Syrian air defense system intercepted and shot down most of the incoming missiles.

The statement did not mention the casualties and property damage caused by the air strikes.

  At the time of the incident, the reporter heard a huge explosion in Damascus and saw air defense missiles passing by from time to time.

  The Israeli side has not yet responded to this incident.

  After the Syrian civil war broke out, the Israeli army repeatedly used air strikes against Iranian military installations to attack targets in Syria.

Both the Syrian and Iranian governments deny that Iran has troops stationed in Syria.

On February 15, the surrounding area of ​​Damascus was hit by missiles. The Syrian military accused Israel of launching an air strike.

On February 25, US fighter jets bombed the eastern border area of ​​Syria, and Syria subsequently strongly condemned it.