Finnish cross-country ski heroes Ristomatti Hakola and Joni Mäki received their silver medals on Sunday night.

The award ceremony was held at the hilltop in Oberstdorf.

Hakola lamented immediately after the prize ceremony after the race that the ski stadium did not have a podium.

In the evening he got to bounce on a traditional podium.

Hakola ventilated the double hawks by showing.

The hill jumped into the air.

The duo then struck silver medals around their necks.

Due to the corona restrictions, athletes thread the medals around their necks. Photo: Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva

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The men’s pair sprint gold medals went to Norway, Erik Valnes and Johannes Hösflot Kläbo.

Bronze was awarded to Alexander Bolshunov of Russia and Gleb Retivih.

An exciting moment was experienced while the Norwegian national anthem was playing.

But no, Iivo Niskanen had still not picked up Mäki's hair.

The matter was revealed when Mäki removed his beanie for an anthem.

The women's double sprint was won by Maja Dahlqvist and Jonna Sundling from Sweden.

The dimmer medals went to women in Switzerland and Slovenia.