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The first year was that of the landing and the second year, that of the pandemic that turned everything upside down.

The Government of the PP and Cs wants to turn the page and that the third is the definitive one, that of


and, this time, that of the promised change.

On February 28, Andalusia Day, has been chosen by the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, to announce that, now, a

"new stage" is beginning

, a reconstruction phase in which Andalusia will be able to "win his future "and in which his government will resume the process of" transformation and regeneration "that the Covid-19 crisis slowed down or, directly, stopped.

The pandemic, he acknowledged, is the

"most important


that any government has faced in the last century" and the time has come to recover "the path we had traced" in terms of economic development and social welfare.

Moreno Bonilla has put his chest out for some of the


made, despite the pandemic in these two years.

As Andalusia has positioned itself as the second community in number of self-employed only behind Catalonia.

And he has been convinced that it is possible to leave this crisis behind and has committed himself to it: "My ambition is that this time, this time, we Andalusians will reach the future first," he said.

But the first thing is to overcome this crisis and in that, the president of the Board has influenced, the


against Covid-19

will be essential

, to reach that goal of 70% immunization before next summer.

Only in this way, he pointed out, will it be possible to "recover health and the economy" and, in that sense, he has demanded "loyalty and resources" from the Government of Spain and the European Union.

"Without vaccines there will be no and there can be no economic recovery," he insisted.

Only with the vaccine will it be possible, according to Moreno, to tackle the


of the economic sectors that have been most damaged, reactivate employment and "move forward with this new model of development and well-being that Andalusia is building."

Throughout his speech at the ceremony for the delivery of the Medals of Andalusia - held this Sunday at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville -, he winked at the

most punished


, from bars to small businesses, passing through the tourism sector, of whose recovery he has been convinced.

"We are recovering tourism, it is vital for our land," he said.

In addition to the words of support, Moreno has announced new economic support measures, a

package of aid

for these sectors of which he has not given more details except that it will be "the most important approved by any autonomous community so far."

This after recognizing the suffering caused by the pandemic and after referring to the "fatigue, uncertainty and discouragement" that have accompanied Andalusians for a year due to a crisis that has made this the "saddest 28F of all we have held so far ".

Despite all this, the president of the Junta de Andalucía has asked Andalusians to have


in the future and in the recovery once the Covid-19 crisis is overcome, he has sent a hopeful message despite the devastating effects of the pandemic, around which his entire intervention has revolved.

Andalusia, the Andalusian president has insisted, will come out of this crisis as "so many times it has overcome adversity" and it will, he pointed out, if it is united.

"Today, more than ever, the 28F is a call to


. An appeal to confidence in ourselves because we are going to be able to win the future and because this is Andalusia," said Moreno Bonilla.

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