China News Service, February 28. According to Euronet, citing Greek Eunice News Agency, on the 27th local time, data released by the Greek Ministry of Health showed that Greece had 1,630 new confirmed cases of new crown that day, and a total of 189,831 confirmed cases; new deaths There were 29 cases, and the cumulative death was 6468.

Data map: Greece under the epidemic.

  According to reports, since this week, the number of new crown cases in Greece is still increasing at a rate of 4 digits per day, and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds has been high, forcing the Greek authorities to announce on February 26 that the Attica region will be hardened. Extend to March 8.

  According to reports, March 4 is the traditional Greek festival "Charcoal Grill Thursday." According to Greek tradition, on this day, the Greeks will prepare a large amount of meat, including all kinds of barbecue skewers, sausages, steaks, pork chops, bacon and so on.

Greek families are accustomed to gathering friends on this day. In some places, hospitable Greeks will even entertain strange passersby for the holidays.

  However, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the upcoming "charcoal grill Thursday" will not be as happy as in previous years. Greeks, including the Athenians, will have a quiet holiday at home. In addition to barbecues in the yard or balcony at home, restaurant productions The barbecue can only be delivered to your door through takeaway.

  However, health experts are optimistic about the coming Easter in May. Most experts predict that the epidemic in Greece will be greatly eased by the end of April and early May.

  Anastasia Kotanidou, head of the Greek Intensive Care Association, admitted that the Greeks are exhausted physically and mentally from the epidemic, but she urged the public to stay at home for a period of time to prevent the upcoming victory of the war epidemic from being "struck on the rocks." .

Kotanidou said that with the advancement of vaccination work, it is believed that the Greek people will have a better Easter in 2021 than last year, when the people can return to their hometown to reunite with their families.

(Liang Manyu)