After an earlier report that many mobiles that lie and litter in drawers around Sweden, many heard about it and said that they would like to use their mobiles anymore, but simply can not.

They have stopped being updated. 

- I think it is bad to sell a product and already when you sell it have a strategy for when the product will no longer be usable, says Stefan Fors in Örebro.

Cecilia Bohlin in Uppsala is forced to change her mobile phone when the bank ID stops working on it in a few months.

- It is sad to have to throw away something that is otherwise fully functional, I think.

Bank ID stops working

About 60,000 Swedes who have mobiles with the operating system Android 5 and iOS 10 and 11 have recently been informed that bank ID will stop working.

Some of them will be able to update their mobiles, but far from all.

This is done for security reasons, says Malin Wemnell, spokesperson for Bank ID.

- We have high safety requirements, she explains.

Big differences

But if the mobiles had continued to receive security updates from the manufacturers, it would have been possible to keep the Bank ID.

At present, there are major differences between different mobile phones in terms of how long they can be used in practice.

- This is something you yourself may need to do a little research on when buying a mobile, it is not always clear, says Billy Ekblom, news editor at M3 who monitors technology issues from a consumer perspective

Fast team

The fact that the EU is planning to come up with a new law that regulates the lifespan of mobile phones already next summer means something similar to the sprint speed for the supranational union.

- It is necessary to increase the speed of the process when it comes to products that have a very rapid development, states Carlos Lopes, EU negotiator at the Swedish Energy Agency.