Cologne (dpa / lnw) - A drunk driver in Cologne put three rescue workers and an emergency doctor in danger with her car by approaching the helpers.

The police said on Sunday that they could only get to safety by jumping to the side without being recorded.

The drunk woman also attacked the officers who had been summoned and had to go to the police station.

The paramedics had accidentally observed on Saturday evening how the 41-year-old had a violent argument with a man on the passenger side in a car with the engine running.

It was said that two children were crying in the back seat.

When the rescue workers wanted to offer themselves as a mediator, the woman yelled at them and accelerated the car in their direction.

The three helpers managed to jump aside.

The passenger then fled from the car and ran away cursing.

The woman, however, turned back and drove again to an emergency doctor on the team, who had given her warning signs.

The doctor was also able to jump aside at the last moment.

Only the police managed to stop the aggressive driver.

Because she tried to kick the officers, she was handcuffed and taken away.


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