The Galician political authority has decided to introduce a fine ranging from 1,000 to 60,000 euros against those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Some consider it unnecessary because the vast majority of the population is in favor of the vaccine.

In Galicia, a region located in the north-west of Spain, those refractory to the Covid-19 vaccine may be punished with a fine ranging from 1,000 to 60,000 euros.

The decision is surprising in a country where 80% of the population wants to be vaccinated.

But Alberto Fuentes, responsible for health in the Galician government, specified that these sanctions would only be applied in certain cases: "The health personnel of the residences for the elderly should, in our opinion, be compulsory vaccinated in this kind of specific case. We now have the tools to sanction those who refuse to be vaccinated ".


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In Spain, 4.7% of the population received at least one dose

But this measure by Galicia goes against the strategy of the central government, which has based its vaccination campaign on a voluntary basis.

The specialists are also rather skeptical, like the emergency physician Octavio Salmeron: "I believe that the punitive measures have shown that they were not effective. The measure in Galicia is too draconian and too rigorous. I think that 'you have to create positive stimuli for people to get vaccinated.

Spain is now among the leading countries that vaccinate the most in Europe, with 4.7% of the population having received at least one dose of the vaccine.

It is more than in France or in Germany.