Building a digital engineering camp

  A certain brigade of the Rocket Army followed closely the leapfrog development of the Rocket Army’s battlefield system reshaping and transformation, guided by the construction of "smart construction sites", focused on innovative applications of digital technology, and piloted the construction of a "digital engineering camp" with "strong back-end and refined front-end" , Advancing the digital development of position construction, and opening a road to transformation and reshaping of combat effectiveness.

  Just after the Spring Festival, the reporter walked into the construction site of a certain position of the first battalion of a certain Rocket Army and was deeply shocked by the slag removal operation site after the blasting by the officers and soldiers.

This place presents a scene of enthusiasm, digital intelligent construction is beginning to take shape: the slag discharge area cyclically broadcasts intelligent voice reminders, the new type of double-truss cranes are precisely linked up and down, multiple dump trucks shuttle through the mountains and forests, the mechanical support team is closely coordinated, and the dispatcher is in The order of vehicles is adjusted in front of the command screen due to time and circumstances.

  According to the relevant person in charge, under the conditions of inverted tasks in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" position construction, outstanding special-shaped structure of position engineering, and transformation and upgrading of construction techniques and methods, the party committee of the brigade closely follows the pace of development of the rocket army battlefield system reshaping and transformation. , Led by the construction of "smart construction sites", focused on the innovative application of digital technology, piloted the construction of a "digital engineering camp" with "strong back-end and refined front-end", promoted the digital development of position construction, and opened a road to transformation and reshaping of combat effectiveness .

  Brainstorming for digital transformation

  If you compare technological innovation to a new engine for army building and development, then brainstorming innovative ideas and keeping up with the drumbeat of the times are the indispensable igniters for igniting this new engine.

  The construction of the "digital engineering camp" originated from an innovative concept in a research topic.

At the beginning of 2020, the Rocket Army "Star Chuang Cup" Science and Technology Innovation Competition kicked off. The two topics led by Zhao Yanlei, a candidate for the Rocket Army’s top ten sharp swordsman and director of the Technical Office of the First Battalion, were selected as proposals by the Rocket Army Group. Xiang proposed the innovative concept of "digital engineering camp" construction.

  "If a new concept is established based on a new concept, and after repeated demonstrations and feasibility, can we apply it to the front line of construction as soon as possible?" a group of brigade party committee members asked at the seminar.

At the meeting, the brigade party committee addressed issues such as "lack of corresponding equipment, talents, teaching materials, and no precedents to follow", "what is digital construction, how does smart construction work", "should stay in place, or take the initiative" and other issues. Discuss thoroughly.

Despite the need to "cross the river by feeling the stones", the brigade party committee finally made a final decision that "must be done"!

  Since the pilot construction of the first camp began, the brigade has successively selected all technical backbones of the brigade to set up a technical team to gather intelligence, organize relevant business departments to work on site to solve practical problems, hire local technical experts for on-site guidance, and assign foreign schools and training indicators to focus on Promoting the construction of the "digital engineering camp" has accumulated a lot of new practices and experience.

  At present, the construction mode of "few people and unmanned" with front-end full elements and full-process self-perception, self-configuration, automation, self-operation, back-end intelligent analysis, remote operation, and scientific maintenance has taken shape.

The entire battalion of officers and soldiers overcame difficulties and faced them. The excavation task of a certain project broke the historical record and the pilot project was completed 56 days ahead of schedule.

Not only that, they have explored innovative construction methods such as strong counterwork, forced crushing and non-explosion, and loose blasting according to local conditions. Not only have they been recognized by higher-level agencies, they have also been promoted to neighboring units.

  Military and local cooperation to train talents to match the brain with computers

  As a task force at the forefront of science and technology, the party committee of the brigade has always combined the transformation and application of science and technology with the construction of the combat effectiveness of the army.

  At the beginning of this year, at the brigade task tackling and construction technology training meeting, the battalion commander Qian Jiang’s idea of ​​“learning from local unmanned technology to develop intelligent construction and equipment unmanned operation modules into the construction of digital engineering battalion” won the brigade The unanimous approval of the party committee.

  In the field of engineering construction, military and civilian technology and equipment are highly interoperable. To advance the digital transformation of position construction, it is necessary not only to tap the potential and increase efficiency, but also to be good at "borrowing boats to go to sea."

To this end, the brigade’s party committee set up a clear direction: transformation construction must rely on "military-local cooperation", with the help of local superior resources, to promote digital construction from a high starting point.

  It coincided with the equipment upgrade of the brigade. After fully understanding the actual construction of the battalion, the head of the brigade and the relevant business departments of the agency had in-depth exchanges with leading construction companies such as China Railway Construction and Sunward Intelligent, putting forward demand indicators and participating in equipment improvement. Explore the way suitable for equipment construction of engineering troops, and take the lead in piloting large-scale intelligent equipment such as tunnel intelligent equipment platform, remote-controlled excavator, hydraulic grab, cantilever roadheader, digital computer trolley, etc. in a work area.

  New equipment has brought profound changes to construction organization, command methods, and support modes. Only when the human brain is matched with a computer can the digital transformation construction progress steadily.

  The brigade actively explores the mode and method of military-civilian cooperation in cultivating talents, and has successively signed "rolling personnel training agreements" with more than 10 scientific research institutes and manufacturers, stepping out of "academic learning theory, entering factory drilling technology, military training and application, and task Systematized talent training path of “promoting training”.

  At the beginning of this year, during the construction of a large-scale battlefield project of the brigade, the technical backbone successfully handled a number of special conditions such as diesel engine startup failures. The operator drove a new digital computer trolley and used the rear "CNC integration" platform to command to fight a certain situation. The smooth blasting of the tunneling section has the best accuracy in history.

  The road of innovation in the initial system of intelligentization is getting wider and wider

  "What is a dream? Dreams are formed by the seeds of innovation, which are deeply rooted in the grassroots earth, and continue to take root and sprout... Innovation is not the patent of scientific and technological workers. Strengthening the army is also inseparable from grassroots grassroots like us. "This is what Zhao Yanlei confided when he was reporting on the whole brigade not long ago.

  The reporter learned that “encourage innovation and build a realization platform for officers and soldiers with dreams.” This is the clear orientation and solemn promise of the brigade’s party committee.

  Based on this understanding, the whole brigade extensively carried out the "three small innovations and inventions", convened Zhuge meetings, recruited "golden ideas" from officers and soldiers, and set up "innovation funds". From formulating plans, project declarations to organizing research, each link was guided by a group , Supervise, audit, and use personal risks to guarantee the organization, and the grass-roots officers and soldiers are becoming more and more assured.

With regard to the distribution of new equipment and the application of new technologies, they have established and improved a system for educating and employing talents with advanced training and prior use, and guided officers and soldiers to gather intelligence and innovate to overcome construction training problems.

  With a series of system underpinnings, innovative achievements have been "released" in the brigade.

At the beginning of this year, the whole brigade launched the pilot construction of the "digital engineering camp". Zhao Yanlei took the initiative to request the brigade party committee, hoping to contribute to the construction of the "digital engineering camp".

  With the strong support of the brigade party committee, Zhao Yanlei led the technical backbone of the brigade to take the lead in tackling key problems, deepening the research on new frontier construction issues such as the physical digitization of position engineering, the digitization of engineering virtual construction, and the digitization of construction site operations, and fully figured out the basis for the construction of new quality combat capabilities.

They used BIM technology (a data tool used in engineering design, construction, and management) to build an information model for tunneling construction, and used loose blasting to tunnel, reducing the number of blastholes in section construction from 600 to 300. Greatly improve the construction efficiency.

They also built an innovative team, took the lead in setting up a digital construction center in the Yiying Work Area, building a digital command cabin, editing teaching materials, researching and developing equipment, and innovating construction methods.

With the help of a digital technology platform, the innovation team took the lead in developing a new VR technology simulation tunnel in the first battalion that is completely consistent with the actual engineering in terms of "appearance, process, display", etc., effectively improving the digital level of the army.

  Since the beginning of this year, the brigade’s "digital engineering battalion" construction has made breakthroughs, and innovative technology and construction methods have continued to emerge. Innovative achievements such as portable deep tankers, gun mat transport racks, and underwater automatic floating ball devices created by officers and soldiers are active in the front line of construction. It provides a strong guarantee for improving construction efficiency.

  Nowadays, the brigade’s many work areas have frequent good news, the mechanized supporting, information-based organization, and the intelligent construction of the initial system, relying on innovation to drive the remodeling road to enhance combat effectiveness is getting wider and wider!