Washington (AFP)

Joe Biden on Saturday welcomed the adoption by the US House of Representatives of its vast stimulus package of 1.9 trillion dollars and urged the Senate to approve this text "quickly".

"If we act with determination, speed and daring, we can finally regain the upper hand against this virus, we will finally be able to revive our economy," pleaded the Democratic President.

After hours of debate, the bill was adopted overnight in the lower house by 219 votes, all Democrats, against 212 (including two Democrats), the Republicans denouncing measures too expensive and poorly targeted.

The text will be sent to the Senate next week, where the measure providing for an increase in the minimum income - up to $ 15 per hour, by 2025 - should be withdrawn.

The hourly minimum wage hike divided some progressive and moderate Democrats.

However, with its very slim majority in the Senate, the party needs unity to pass its laws.

In his very brief address, Joe Biden did not mention these divisions.

"I hope it will be adopted quickly. We have no time to waste," he invited.

In detail, the Biden plan provides for tens of billions of dollars for the acceleration of the pace of vaccinations and the deployment of tests, but also $ 130 billion to help schools and high schools to reopen despite the pandemic.

New aid checks in the amount of $ 1,400 are expected to be sent to Americans, depending on their income level and the length of unemployment benefits extended until September 30, 2021.

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