The idea is that the test unit will function as a reinforcement of primary care and that more people in Malmö will have a uniform handling of positive covid-19 cases.

- There have not been too many people in the health center, but if you can not get in at 1177 then maybe you will not test yourself.

There are various reasons why you can not book a self-test.

But we know that in densely populated areas, it may be necessary to strengthen the sampling, says Marianne Alanko Blomé, assistant infection control doctor.

"Want to secure access to sampling"

The new test unit is a collaboration between Region Skåne, the city of Malmö and the County Administrative Board of Skåne.

There will be interpreters on site for those who need it when a positive covid test is demonstrated.

- As we had a high second wave at the turn of the year, further efforts need to be made.

We want to ensure secure access to sampling, combined with targeted information and infection tracking directly on site in areas where, for various reasons, testing may not be fully utilized.

Then you are instead referred to the health centers and then Kryddgården's health center is strengthened with this now.

Worrying situation

This summer, the central infection tracking unit started.

Since then, about 20 self-test sampling sites have been opened in the region, as well as about 50 pharmacies where a healthy representative can collect self-tests for a person with symptoms.

- We have worked intensively to increase access to sampling over the past six months.

But there is room for further efforts to improve access, which is why this local strengthening of primary care is now being made.

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Rasmus Havmöller is the regional chief physician in Skåne.

Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT