The Russian media and Alexei Navalny's close circle have been trying to find out all Saturday morning which prison camp the opposition leader has been sent to serve his 2.5-year conviction for fraud.

Now it looks like the riddle is finally being solved.

The Jarnovosti news agency says it has received information from the Russian prison authorities that Navalnyi will be delivered to prison camp number 2 in the city of Pokrov in the Vladimir region.

The Navalni home in Moscow is only about 110 kilometers from the camp.

Navalnyi is reportedly transferred from Moscow to Koltshugino Prison No. 3, from where he is sent to the Pokrov camp.

However, information about the Navalny camp site has not yet been officially confirmed, but Navalny's assistants have also shared Jarnovost's original story and Mediazona's article, which cites Jarnovost's information.

News agency Tass also says it has received confirmation from its own sources that Navalny will be located at Camp No. 2 in Pokrov.

However, according to Tassi, I learned about my current whereabouts is not known with certainty.

It is possible that he will first spend two weeks in quarantine elsewhere before being transferred to camp.

Navalnyi was sent from Matrosskaya tishina prison as early as Thursday to the “stage”, as Russia refers to transports between prisons and prison camps.

Since then, his whereabouts have also been unclear to those close to him.

Russia's state television channel Rossiya 1 also said earlier, citing its own sources, that Navalnyi would be sent specifically to Camp No. 2 in Pokrov.

Camp number 2 has a total of 794 prisons and is considered a kind of model camp.

According to the Sobesednik site, the camp is also known for maintaining strict discipline.

The Pokrov camp was renovated in 1994. One of its specialties is a modern meeting room where prisoners can see, for example, their spouses and children in long-term family reunions.

The camp has an Orthodox church, which has also been renovated.

For inmates ’leisure, there is a club room, library and sports facilities.

Prisoners' jobs at Pokrov include making wooden furniture.

Prisoners, for example, make desks and desks for schools and kindergartens.

The camp also makes beds, chairs and bookshelves.

The link below shows pictures of the furniture made by the prisoners in the camp and a picture of the woodwork workshop.

The camp also makes furniture to order.

Pictures of the furniture made in the camp. Photo: Russian Penitentiary

On Saturday, part of the Russian media had time to catch up with Lifeshot's claim that the Navalny prison camp was No. 6 in the Moscow region of Kolomna. Later, several sources disputed this information, including Tass and Ria Novosti.