Podemos wants Pedro Sánchez to sacrifice the victory of Salvador Illa in Catalonia and enable a sovereign bipartisan formed by ERC and the


with the external support of the PSC.

The candidate of the Catalan brand of Podemos,

Jessica Albiach

, has formally launched this petition to the Prime Minister, whom she has called for "political intelligence" to facilitate "the only realistic option for a left-wing government in Catalonia."

"An unprecedented exercise of generosity" Albiach claimed from the Socialists after they managed to prevail in the regional elections of 14-F.

His proposal rests on the basis that "the crossed veto" between ERC and the PSC makes the tripartite unviable that the


spent defending alone throughout the campaign.

"Things are not mature enough for them to share the Government," Albiach has defended.

Yes, it is assumed that they are, according to the Catalan delegation of Podemos, so that Illa renounces her investiture - after promising that she would choose to preside over the Generalitat if she won - and so that, in addition, she fails to fulfill her promise not to share the Executive with an independence force or to encourage separatism to continue leading Catalonia.

We can show that it prioritizes continuing to play power, after having joined the central government and piloting the Barcelona City Council with

Ada Colau


From quadripartite to bipartite

The last proposal of the


comes after this week they defended that the best option to govern Catalonia was a quadripartite with the PSC, ERC and the CUP.

With conviction they maintained the viability of this bizarre sum that now declines to make way for this bipartisan with

Oriol Junqueras

supported in parliament by the PSC.

Albiach has announced that tomorrow he will formally transfer his proposal to the ERC candidate,

Pere Aragonès

, who has already ruled out accepting the votes of the Socialists to be invested, and continues to focus on negotiations with the rest of the independence forces to form the Government.

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