Reidar Mattsson is actually retired, but has a burning interest in tiled stoves and then it is not easy to quit the profession when people call for help.

- It is difficult not to, he says.

If you look at Google searches for the words stove and fireplace in the last five years, you can see a rising trend since the end of 2020.

More people are looking for words like stove, fireplace and tiled stove.

Photo: Google trend

Exactly what the explanation is is difficult to say and Reidar Mattsson has many different theories.

Maybe it could be the cold winter or the renovation boom that has been when more and more people stay at home during the pandemic.

Practiced breaking 18th century ovens

One thing is for sure: The view of the tiled stoves has changed since Reidar Mattsson began his professional life.

- Then we had to practice smashing nice 18th century ovens, it's sad when you think about it now.

But that's what you thought then, he says.

See more about the interest in the tiled stoves and follow his workshop in the video.