Berlin (dpa / bb) - In Berlin, the seven-day incidence of corona infections has increased slightly.

On Saturday, the Senate Health Administration recorded 66.2 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within one week (previous day 63.8).

After the value sank significantly for a long time, the trend recently reversed.

The corresponding Corona traffic light remains on red. It would only jump to yellow from a value of 30, and to green from 20.

On Saturday 311 new infections were counted in Berlin.

The previous day, 497 new cases had been registered.

According to the management report, 129 254 people have fallen ill since the pandemic began a year ago, of which 120 863 are considered recovered.

2818 Berliners have already died in connection with a coronavirus infection, including 4 new deaths reported on Saturday.


The Berlin Corona traffic light is still on yellow for the proportion of intensive care beds occupied by Covid 19 patients.

However, the proportion has fallen and is currently 17.8 percent (previous day 18.1 percent).

At 25 percent, the traffic light would jump to red.

The reproduction number, on the other hand, is in the green area: the so-called R value, which indicates how many people an infected person infects on average, is 0.90 on Saturday (compared to 0.92 on Friday).

In order to slow the pandemic, the value must be significantly less than 1.

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