Before the state of emergency was lifted in six prefectures except the metropolitan area on the 28th, a meeting of the National Governors' Association was held, and the participating governors said that measures would be taken to prevent the re-spread of infection even after the declaration was lifted. There were a series of opinions pointing out the importance.

The National Governors' Association held an online meeting of the Coronavirus Emergency Response Headquarters, and about 40 governors participated and commented before the state of emergency was lifted in six prefectures excluding the Greater Tokyo Area in 28 days. Was exchanged.

Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture, whose declaration will be lifted on the 28th, said, "It is very important to prevent the rebound of infection. Until the 21st of next month, the business hours will be shortened by 8 pm for restaurants throughout Osaka City. I decided to ask for it by 9 pm. I would like to seek to maintain socio-economic activity while preventing rebounds. "

Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture said, "In the prefecture, we will continue our own regulations for two weeks from the 1st of next month. In March and April, there will be graduation ceremonies, entrance ceremonies, and accompanying events and dinners, so the infection will not spread again. I want you to take measures with a sense of tension. "

On the other hand, of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area where the declaration continues, Governor Ohno of Saitama Prefecture said, "The decrease in newly infected people is slowing down, and there are concerns about the high bed occupancy rate and mutated viruses. We need to continue to take action. We are not at the stage of early lifting of the declaration, and we need to thoroughly control the infection by the deadline of 7th next month. "

At the meeting after this, the government will take strong measures to prevent the re-spread of infection even after the declaration is lifted, and will implement effective economic employment measures even in areas not covered by the declaration and industries that do not request shortening of working hours. We have put together an urgent proposal for things like that.