The SDP's politicians turned to the Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori (Kok).

- He said in his verse: "Madam Prime Minister, stop blaming the metropolitan area and the young people!"

Pretty outrageous, ex-MP and ex-MP Liisa Jaakonsaari (sd) tweeted.

Vapaavuori uploaded a full-blown letter to Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) in her corona information.

- Madam Prime Minister, I hope that you will stop blaming children and young people for this.

Raising the hobbies of children and young people is not based on facts, Vapaavuori stated.

Vapaavuori, who was occasionally confronted with the government during the corona crisis, said that only a very small part of the infections in the Helsinki metropolitan area are children's hobbies; no exposure is known in the sports facilities of the city of Helsinki.

At the end of January, restrictions on children's hobbies were relaxed in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

According to Vapaavuori, all possible restrictive measures have been implemented in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which the law has allowed in each case.

- At the briefings, all ministers promised that in four weeks the situation will ease.

I don’t make such promises because I don’t think I can keep them

- I would like to thank THL, whose expertise can be relied on, Vapaavuori said in his corona information.

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MPs Antti Lindtman (sd) and Eveliina Heinäluoma (sd) considered Vapaavuori's appearance a political spin and unnecessary rhetoric.

- The allegation that the Prime Minister has blamed children and young people is, quite frankly, the kind of political spinning that this time needs the least.

The disease situation is on the cutting edge and all energy should be used to work together to reduce infections, team leader Lindtman tweeted.

- I think quite a few find such rhetoric completely useless.

Neither Prime Minister Marin nor anyone else has blamed the children.

The corona situation is serious and fighting the disease and protecting human lives requires a joint game between the government and the capital, Heinäluoma tweeted.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin twice mentioned yesterday at a government press conference the reason for the premature lifting of restrictive measures as an acceleration of corona infections.

At the end of January, restrictions on hobbies for people under the age of 20 were lifted in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

- We have a situation where the virus is spreading in the population, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Uusimaa region.

The different regions have had the opportunity, and have used, the tools that are in use in the regions, but not quite to the extent that would have been necessary, Marin criticized.

- The government has systematically said that the restrictive measures in place in the regions must be adhered to because the situation is serious.

And in part, these restrictive measures have been pre-dismantled and this is also why this transformation virus has spread.

Of course, that alone will not affect this situation, Marin said yesterday, among other things.

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