China News Service, February 26. According to a report compiled by the European Times, in order to improve education isolation and strengthen integration, Paris high school admission rules will be changed from the new semester. Although the details have not yet been announced, some families are already worried that their children will be "Reject" famous schools.

  Since 2008, Paris has been divided into four school districts. Students graduating from junior high school can apply for admission to more than a dozen high schools in this district.

The national distribution system Affelnet determines their high schools and scholarships based on their test scores.

  However, the education department believes that “the isolation of education in Paris is not found elsewhere in France”, which is also the reason for the reform.

From the perspective of parents, different high schools have different teaching levels and rankings, so applications for "good schools" are full.

This also brings great pressure to junior high school students. They have to work hard to enter a good high school. The pressure of competition is comparable to that of a prestigious college entrance examination.

  Gryne, director of the National Scientific Research Center, who made a research report on the Affelnet system, said that the education isolation index in Paris is four times that of nearby cities and towns.

High schools in Paris should strengthen integration and fight against hierarchization, so reforms must be carried out. Most of the relevant industry players recognize this view.

  Therefore, starting from September 2021, the division of four school districts in Paris will be cancelled.

Junior high school graduating students can apply for 5 high schools within 25 minutes of residential transportation before May next year.

They can also apply for higher schools further away, but they do not enjoy priority admission.

The authorities hope to reduce the pressure on the "most attractive high school."

The current scholarship quota is retained and will be strengthened in some high schools.

  The authorities claim to ensure that every junior high school student has at least two "attractive" high schools in the range of choices. "There may be fewer choices than before, but the probability of being admitted to the school of choice is greater."

  Ghislaine Morvan-Dubois, president of the Paris Parents Federation, said he would like to see this reform because the degree of school integration in Paris has been declining year after year.

She added that parents are waiting to see the new school district allocation map, which will be announced next week.

  But there are also parents who are uneasy about the reforms, especially the residents of northeastern Paris, who are worried that they will be "squeezed out" from high schools in the city center.

Families who objected requested at least postpone the reform, especially in the context of the epidemic, the reform did not explain to teachers and parents in advance.

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