The center strives to blow with the wind in the worsening corona situation.

Antti Kurvinen, Eeva Kalli and Hanna-Leena Mattila, the leaders of the party's parliamentary group, sent a press release on Friday morning entitled: The disease situation in Finland must be kept under control - opposition parties are to be thanked.

- Opposition parties in Parliament have a public thank you and recognition for their support for the measures required by the aggravated situation, although there are differing views on the details.

It belongs to a functioning democracy, the press release says.

Yesterday, during Question Time to the Parliament, the party's chairman, Annika Saarikko, as Deputy Prime Minister, thanked the Coalition Party's Petteri Orpo for his attention to the co-operative statement, in which he underlined that treating the corona is still not an opposition government.

- I would like to express my warm thanks to the opposition leader Petteri Orpo and the Coalition Parliamentary Group for the way you want to recognize that the challenge is common.

On behalf of the entire government, I promise that we will do our best and bring up-to-date good legislation and that our message to the Finns would be common, Saarikko said.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) did not attend Question Time due to a meeting of EU leaders.

The distance between Marin and the Coalition is notoriously difficult.

His ability to create the conditions for cooperation between different actors in society has also been criticized.

The functionality between the Prime Minister and President Sauli Niinistö has also come to the fore several times.

In its press release, the Parliament's parliamentary group highlights the ability to co-operate.

- The strengths of Finnish society over the decades have been the ability to agree and cooperate.

This has been achieved especially in our country's foreign and security policy and, fortunately, also during this global epidemic.

The Center underlines that co-operation across the government-opposition border is in the interest of Finland and the Finns when it comes to getting Finland back on its feet after Korona.

- The Finnish economy must be made to grow and recover, while all Finns and the whole country must be involved.

The group sees that Finland is now at a turning point in corona treatment and that viral variants have made the disease unpredictable.

- The disease situation must be kept under control.

The examples of Europe and the world show the consequences of uncontrollability at its worst.

That is why the Center Party's parliamentary group supports the temporary tightening of restrictions, recognizing that they are humanly and financially burdensome for many Finns.

According to the city center, schools and hobbies must be able to open as soon as possible.

- The Parliamentary Group has considered and considers it important that the restrictions take into account regional differences in the disease situation.

This is realized in the solutions now decided.

For companies suffering from restrictions, especially in the restaurant and event sectors, well-targeted support must be provided quickly.