Queen Elizabeth urges everyone to take the coronavirus vaccine.

The Queen participated in a video call with health authorities to discuss the vaccine.

He himself received the coronary vaccine in January.

- It went very quickly, and I have received many letters from people who are surprised by how easy it was getting the vaccine.

And the injection didn't happen at all, the Queen described according to the Guardian.

Queen Elisabeth also praised the vaccine program in a video call and described its rapid progress as "significant."

- After receiving the vaccine, you feel safe, which is very important.

It is, of course, difficult for those who have not taken the vaccine.

They should consider others, and not just think of themselves, the queen incense.

The Queen took part in a discussion with four health authorities overseeing vaccine delivery in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The remote meeting revealed that more than 18 million people have received the first vaccine.

The Queen’s video call was part of the Royal Family’s campaign to meet and praise the experts responsible for developing the vaccination program.

The Royal Family has also shown its gratitude to the health professionals and volunteers.

Prince Charles visited a hospital to observe the administration of coronavirus vaccines.Photo: PA Images / Alamy / Alamy / MVPhotos

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been living in Windsor Castle during an interest rate pandemic.

Prince Philip was hospitalized on February 16 due to ill health.

Hovi announced earlier this week that Philip will continue to receive treatment at a London hospital.

- She is feeling very comfortable and the treatment has worked, but she is not expected to get out of the hospital for several more days, Hovi announced on Tuesday.

Prince Philip is already better off with his son, Prince Edward, but still has to stay in hospital for several more days.