In Nigeria, West Africa, armed groups raided schools and many schoolgirls were taken away.

The UNICEF-UN Children's Fund has strongly condemned attacks targeting schools and students, with the view that more than 300 students have been affected.

Armed groups attacked girls' public school dormitories on the 26th in Zamfara, northwestern Nigeria, according to Reuters news agency, and many schoolgirls were taken away.

In the field, the military and police have been dispatched to search for the whereabouts in the forest area where the students are believed to have been taken away.

The UNICEF-United Nations Children's Fund said in a statement that the number of students affected was over 300.

In Nigeria, in 2014, the Islamic extremist organization Boko Haram took away more than 200 schoolgirls, and armed groups aimed at paying for their mortgages attacked educational sites one after another. I'm out.

In December of last year, more than 300 male students who lived in the dormitory were temporarily taken away.

No statement has been issued admitting the crime regarding this attack.

UNICEF said, "I feel angry at the attack on the students again and strongly condemn the attack," and urged the armed groups to release the students immediately. I called for the promotion of safety.