Four children were dramatically rescued at a fire site in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the fired house, the mother threw the children out the window, and several residents took the children one after another with blankets.

This is reporter Kim Kyung-hee.


A child looks out of the window where black smoke is emanating, and then falls down.

The other child then falls out of the window.

When a fire broke out in the house and they couldn't go outside, the mother let the children escape through the window.

Under the windows on the third floor, residents work together to pick up the children one by one using blankets.

In this way, all 4 children were safely rescued.

[Mehmet Agin/Rescue Participating Resident: I informed my mother to let the children escape through the window, and immediately put a blanket on it to create a safety net.]

[Jem Boraj/Rescue Resident: Any parents with children would have come out. It was really desperate.] The

children were taken to the hospital by an ambulance waiting, and fortunately there were no injuries.

Mom was also rescued safely.

In an urgent moment, neighbors joined forces to respond to the desperate mother's request for rescue, creating a miracle.

(Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)