, February 26. According to a report from the US Chinese website, on the 25th local time, the US Senate passed the confirmation vote of Jennifer Granholm, the nominee for the Secretary of Energy, making her the latest cabinet member to be nominated this week. .

  According to reports, the Senate confirmed Granholm's nomination by a 64-35 vote. In addition to all 50 Democrats, a total of 14 Republicans voted in favor.

  Granholm served as Governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011.

After taking office as Secretary of Energy, she will help President Biden transform the United States into clean energy. Biden's goal is to make the United States a carbon neutral road by 2050.

  After the nomination was confirmed, Granholm said on social media, "I am committed to creating high-paying clean energy jobs across the United States when solving the climate crisis. I am very patient with this result."

  According to the report, the Senate has been stepping up the confirmation of the nominee for the Biden administration. The cabinet officials confirmed so far include the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dennis MacDonald, the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Defense Austin, and the Secretary of Finance. Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Anthony Brinken etc.