<Anchor> Since the

coronavirus outbreak, hate crimes targeting Asian people have been increasing rapidly in the United States.

Until now, each state has been responding to the level of having a special investigation team, but the US Department of Justice has announced that it will engage in an investigation at the federal level.

This is Kim Jong-won from New York.

<Reporter> A

strong white man pushes a Chinese woman down in the middle of downtown New York in broad daylight.

In California, a young man pushed down an old Asian in his 90s from behind, and a Korean man from the U.S. Air Force was beaten with racial profanity and racism in the middle of a street in Los Angeles' Koreantown. .

[Denny Kim: I hit my forehead and hit my eyes.

It just fell to the floor.

Even so, they kept hitting them.]

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Asian hate crimes have soared, and voices of concern are emerging from all walks of life.

[Bill de Blasio/New York Mayor: If you dare to reach out to Asian people, you will suffer tremendous pain as a result.]

[Olivia Moon/Hollywood Actor: Crimes against Asians have been increasing rapidly since the coronavirus outbreak. .

That hurts me so much.] The

US Department of Justice said that prejudice and hatred against Asians are growing, and that the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the federal prosecutors and local police will work together to investigate crimes against Asians at the federal level. Revealed.

The US media analyzed that attacks on Asians began to increase after former President Trump began calling the coronavirus a Chinese virus.