Düsseldorf (dpa) - An urgent application has been received at the administrative court against the “no-stay ban” in Düsseldorf's old town and on the nearby banks of the Rhine.

According to a court spokesman, the responsible chamber may decide on the application on Friday.

In Düsseldorf, at 3 p.m., the “no-stay ban” will come into effect for the first time, according to which you can no longer stand, sit down or lie on a meadow in a certain zone.

The regulations also apply on Saturday and Sunday.

The administration has already started putting up 300 red signs with the words “No stay zone: Please go on”.

The background: last weekend tens of thousands of people were in the best weather in the alleys of the old town and especially on the Rhine promenade.

According to the city, the minimum distance was repeatedly disregarded.

At the same time, the number of new corona infections tended to rise and, above all, the proportion of people who were infected with the more contagious British virus variant.

The rate was already 49 percent on Thursday in Düsseldorf.


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