Accurately regulate and make good use of accountability tools 93.4% of the people believe that accountability will be strong in 2020

  The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out that it is necessary to accurately regulate and use accountability tools.

Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels run through the entire process of accountability work by seeking truth from facts, complying with regulations and disciplines, and implementing accountability in a standardized and precise manner. The seriousness and credibility of accountability have been further enhanced.

According to a poll by the National Bureau of Statistics on Strict Party Governance, 93.4% of the masses believe that the accountability of negligent party members and cadres and public officials will be strong in 2020, an increase of 1.6 percentage points from 2019.

  "Two maintenances" are the fundamental principles and primary tasks of accountability. Local Commission for Discipline Inspection focuses on implementing the new development concept, fighting the three tough battles, coordinating epidemic prevention and control, economic and social development, and ensuring the improvement of people's livelihood and other major decision-making and deployment issues. Strictly hold accountability to ensure the smooth flow of the party Central Committee's government orders.

  Within a month of the fight against the epidemic, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of 6 provinces and cities including Hubei, Guangdong and Zhejiang investigated and dealt with more than 9,600 cases of ineffective epidemic prevention and control.

In response to the strong response from the masses of “the hospital’s protective materials are in short supply and the Red Cross donated money and materials to sleep well”, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection quickly investigated and dealt with the problems of the provincial Red Cross in the management and distribution of donated money and materials, and asked seriously. Responsible for the three provincial leading cadres including members of the party group and full-time vice president of the association.

In response to the serious dereliction of duty by Wang Zaiqiao, deputy mayor of Hongshan District, Wuhan, which resulted in close contacts not being treated and quarantined in time, a large number of patients were not admitted to the hospital in time, and some patients were detained for a long time in the process of hospitalization, the Supervisory Committee of Wuhan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection quickly Investigate the reasons, and give him administrative sanctions.

In the first half of 2020, Hubei handled 14,534 cases of dereliction of duty and violation of rules and disciplines in prevention and control work, and handled 15,509 people.

  Not long ago, the Disciplinary (Work) Committee of a park in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province asked the Municipal Disciplinary Committee Supervisory Committee’s Party Work Style, Case Management, and Trial Departments to discuss an accountability matter.

Pan, the leader of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of the park, and Zhao, a member of the team, did not perform well in the investigation and punishment of small chemical companies that violated laws and regulations. Pan has an administrative leadership position and is subject to supervisory accountability. It is more appropriate for his government to file a case. Zhao is a general Staff, internal party accountability and supervisory accountability are inappropriate.

The consultation group finally reached a consensus and implemented supervision and accountability of the former, while the latter directly held accountability.

  "We are exploring the establishment of a work mechanism for accountability issues, consultation and review, and the party conduct and political style supervision office intervenes in advance to clarify the key points and clarify procedures for the scope and process of accountability issues, which will help improve the institutionalization of accountability. Standardization level." said the relevant person in charge of the Liyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  Accurate accountability is inseparable from the refinement and standardization of accountability mechanisms and accountability procedures.

All localities take accountability regulations as the mainstay, improve supporting systems based on actual conditions, and put accountability in the system cage.

The Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision regulates the accountability procedures, and stipulates 10 processes including the transfer of branch offices, initiation of accountability, accountability investigation, coordination review, consultation review, summary reporting, and implementation of accountability. , And promptly rectify the problems found in the investigation, such as unclear investigation facts, unclear responsibilities, inaccurate applicable laws and regulations, and inappropriate accountability opinions and suggestions.

  In order to correct and prevent the generalization and simplification of accountability, Xinjiang Hotan District Commission for Discipline Inspection has established a case review team since August last year to strictly review and control the proposed cases in terms of facts, characterization, division of responsibilities, and applicable terms. If the case is cleared, it shall be returned to the supervisory committee of the county and city Commission for Discipline Inspection and the relevant facts shall be reported for review; if the responsibilities of the offenders are unclear, the responsibilities shall be refined in accordance with the regulations; the case shall not be filed for cases that fail to meet the filing standards or the circumstances are minor.

The Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection further strengthened specific guidance on the handling of issues related to the prevention and control of the epidemic, requiring discipline inspection and supervision agencies at all levels to deal with party members, cadres, and public officials who are not performing their duties effectively related to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The Supervision and Inspection Office shall review and check the case trial office of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection if it intends to impose party discipline and government sanctions to prevent abnormalities.

  "It is necessary to accurately use the'four forms', reasonably distinguish the boundaries of accountability in specific work, correctly define the content of powers and responsibilities, distinguish between overall leadership responsibilities, main leadership responsibilities and important leadership responsibilities, and avoid different standards. After discovering the accountability situation , Strictly perform the procedures of trial inspection and collective deliberation." said Cheng Qingyi, director of the case trial office of the Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  All localities continue to deepen "promoting reforms with cases" and give play to the fundamental role of accountability.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, in response to the problem of state-owned enterprises' "public funds for eating and drinking, public vehicles for private use", supervised the District Finance and State-owned Assets and Work Commission to carry out a state-owned enterprise system inventory, sort out and improve 34 systems such as official reception, bus use, and strengthen system implementation Supervision.

  As New Year’s Day approaches this year, Teng Yue, the party secretary of the Yanshan County Cultural Tourism Bureau of Yunnan Province, who has been held accountable for violating the eight central regulations for mental problems, came to the county cultural center and held a pre-holiday disciplinary reminder conversation with the staff and proactively analyzed himself problem.

"It is necessary to achieve the purpose of motivating cadres to act and start their own businesses through accountability." The relevant person in charge of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection told reporters that the accountability and motivational talks have been introduced to solve the problem of heavy punishment, light incentives and "one question." "Of" and other issues.

  Adhere to the combination of strict management and love, implement the requirements of “three distinctions” in various regions, and combine the motivation and attitude of the accountable object, consistent performance, and recovery of losses to accurately grasp and apply the non-acceptance or exemption from accountability and lighten the problem. Accountability and increased accountability.

The Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision formulated the "Measures for Encouraging Cadres to Take the Role of Implementing Fault Tolerant and Error Correction Work", which stipulated 6 fault-tolerant situations to reduce the burden and reduce the burden and encourage the party members and cadres to start businesses.

(Yang Wenjia)