The mother's action of calmly saving all four children from a fired building is drawing attention.

On the 24th local time, a fire broke out on the 3rd floor of a commercial building in Istanbul, Turkey, resulting in an emergency that trapped mothers and children.

The video of the situation at the time shows a mother trying to send her child out of the window through the thick black smoke.

After seeing the citizens ready to catch the falling child by spreading blankets and blankets on the ground, the mother finally sends out four children in turn.

A citizen who helped the rescue said, "When I brought a mattress downstairs and made a temporary safety device, my mother started dropping the children down."

The mothers, children, and other rescued people from the building were immediately taken to the hospital and, fortunately, were all known to be in good health without any major injuries.

Let’s watch the video together.

(Composition: Hwiran Kim, editor: Heeju Cha)