A radio broadcast host in Germany likens the performance of the group BTS to the coronavirus, and is controversial.

According to local media, Matthias Matushke, the host of a German radio broadcaster'bayern3', criticized the recent BTS's'MTV Unplugged' performance on the night of the 24th.

MTV Unplugged is a live program based on acoustic sound of MTV, an American music broadcaster, and legendary musicians such as Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and Oasis stood on this stage.

BTS performed for the first time as a Korean singer on the MTV Unplugged stage that aired on the 24th.

BTS unveiled the cover stage for'Fix You' of the band Coldplay, which contains messages of healing and comfort.

Matushke rated BTS' MTV unplugged appearance as "contradictory" and accused him of having the cover stage of'Fix You' as "blasphemy."

"The unpleasant people will have to go on vacation to North Korea for the next 20 years," said Matushke harshly.

In particular, he likened BTS to the coronavirus, saying, "Godly corona, hopeful for a vaccine (for BTS) to come out."

He had no feelings about Korea and said, "You cannot accuse me of being a racist just because these boys are from Korea. I have a Korean car."

Accordingly, BTS fans and others have criticized Matushke's remarks as racial discrimination by posting hashtags such as'#RassismusBeiBayern3' and'#Bayern3Racist' on social media.

Then, on the 26th, Bayern 3 broadcasted a statement on the homepage and explained, "When expressing opinions, I was excited in an exaggerated way and I was too excited in choosing words."

But Bayern 3 explained that "he had no intentions," and "just wanted to express displeasure with the cover version."

"When you look at Matushke's past activities in helping refugees and participating in campaigns against the extreme universe, you can see that he is absolutely racist and distant from xenophobia," he said.

Bayern 3 continued, "It is unchanging that many people take his remarks painfully, and we apologize for this."

(Photo = Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment, Yonhap News)