China News Service, February 25, reported that American golfer "Tiger" Woods had a car accident in Los Angeles County recently, causing serious leg injuries and rolling damage.

Han Zhenni, a member of the Los Angeles County Commissioner who is in charge of the car accident area, said on the 24th that it had ordered an investigation of whether there were any safety hazards in the road where the car accident occurred, because there have been many car accidents on this road in the past year.

On the morning of February 23, local time, American golf star Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident in Los Angeles County.

  According to the US "World Journal" report, the Los Angeles County Police Chief Alex Villanueva said that Woods was the only person in the car when the accident occurred, and there is no sign that the accident was deliberately done by the perpetrator.

After investigation, the case was determined to be a mere car accident, and Woods would not be charged with any criminal charges of human negligence.

  County commissioner Han Zhenni stated in the statement that county commissioners are very concerned about traffic safety in Luo County.

Although the accident occurred between the two cities of Rancho Palestine and Rolling Hills Estate, traffic safety issues affect the entire Los Angeles area.

  According to the police, the SUV driven by Woods crashed into the separated island on the road. After a few laps, it finally landed in the grass on the hillside not far away. The airbag in the car was successfully activated and saved his life.

But Woods suffered serious injuries to his legs and required surgery.

  On the day of the accident, Los Angeles County Police Commissioner Villanueva stated that since January 2020, there have been 13 accidents in the area between Hawthorne Avenue and Blackhouse Road, four of which resulted in personal injury.

At the turning point of the northbound line on this section of the road, the speed will be faster even if it does not accelerate, relying on the gravity of the car.

He said that it is more important for trucks to check the brakes frequently.

  According to the report, Han Zhenni instructed the County Public Works Bureau to re-inspect the accident road section and provide safe driving technical assistance and engineering support for the driving of vehicles in the two cities.