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When you run, you appreciate the cleanliness and toughness of paved roads or indoor floors, and that's what sets trail runners apart from running runners.

But are the differences between trail shoes and running shoes limited to the place of practice?

Everything you need to know about running shoes

We often mistakenly think that there is no difference between a running shoe and a trail shoe, since these two shoes are used to swallow kilometers in short strides.

However, these two types of shoes are not only distinguished by where they are worn.

What are running shoes?

Running shoes can take several lines, from thin and elegant sneakers to more massive shoes.

However, they are generally lighter than trail shoes, especially due to a sole requiring less grip on difficult surfaces.

However, running shoes must still ensure perfect foot support and absorb shocks as much as trail shoes.

How to choose running shoes?

It is essential to check the details of the running shoes before you start.

Some pairs will fit a little tall, while others will fit smaller than the size listed.

Depending on your foot width, a pair of running shoes that match your size can quickly become uncomfortable.

Also choose soles with good cushioning and breathable materials.

Why buy running shoes?

Like any other type of shoe, running shoes cannot be lent or borrowed.

Firstly for hygienic reasons, and secondly because each foot has a different morphology, even for the same size.

Your own running shoes adapt to the shape of your foot and thus reveal all their performance during your sports sessions.

Small selection of the best running shoes of the moment

Asics Gel-Cumulus 22: running shoes for women with FLYTEFOAM technology

Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes - DR

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 are women's running shoes that are both light and efficient.

Embedding many technologies patented by the brand (FLYTEFOAM sole, AHAR heel, etc.), they combine high impact resistance and lasting comfort.

The only flaw of these shoes remains their price, unfortunately not within the reach of all budgets.

The pros and cons of the Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 running shoes:

Most :

  • Soles with FLYTEFOAM technology;

  • An ultra-resistant heel to isolate impacts;

  • A 3D printed mesh upper;

  • Very good cushioning.

The lessers :

  • Their very high price.

Get the Gel-Cumulus 22 model

Hoka One - Carbon X: running shoes with carbon plates

Hoka One running shoes - Carbon X - DR

In recent years, endurance running enthusiasts have become accustomed to choosing running shoes with carbon plates on the sole.

The Hoka One Carbon X also have it and significantly improve your stride.

Very comfortable and relatively light, these shoes will also have the advantage of perfectly supporting the foot.

Unfortunately, they are rarely available and are quite expensive.

The pros and cons of the Hoka One - Carbon X running shoes: 

The most


  • A sole with carbon plates;

  • Excellent cushioning;

  • A faster and more enduring stride;

  • Very high comfort.

The least


  • Their price.

Get the Carbon X model

PUMA Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Drift Cat 7: perfect men's running shoes for fans of the star brand

PUMA Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Drift Cat 7 Running Shoes - DR

The PUMA Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Drift Cat 7 make everyone agree with their quality and finesse.

Unlike the usual massive designs for this type of shoe, they are thin and light.

Composed of leather on the upper, these shoes feature two discreet logos showing the collaboration between Puma and Mercedes.

Small caveats: these shoes fit a bit small and are hardly available.

The pros and cons of the PUMA Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Drift Cat 7 running shoes: 

The most


  • Genuine leather;

  • A very fine line;

  • Continuous and secure lacing;

  • A discreet Mercedes logo on the back.

The least


  • Too small estimate of sizes.

Get the Drift Cat 7 model

Adidas Ultraboost 20: ultra-light men's running shoes

Adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes - DR

If you are a fan of lightweight running shoes, the Adidas Ultraboost 20 seems to be the perfect fit for you.

With a comfortable sole for good shock absorption, these men's running shoes will be perfect for enduring strides.

However, their strength is also their weakness, they are so light that the accustomed to an important maintenance risk being disappointed.

The pros and cons of the Adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes:

The most


  • Extra light and flexible shoes;

  • Reflective elements for more safety;

  • Reinforced heel cushioning;

  • A breathable mesh upper.

The least


  • Lightweight support may not be suitable for everyone.

Get the Ultraboost 20 model

Asics Gel-Quantum 180 5: running shoes for men with gel reinforcement

Running shoes Asics Gel-Quantum 180 5 - DR

The Asics Gel-Quantum 180 5 running shoes are recommended for use on the road or indoors.

Equipped with a sole with GEL technology padding to improve shock absorption, these shoes remain comfortable even after several hours of running.

The 3D printed mesh upper conforms to the shape of the foot.

However, these shoes are not recommended for men with very wide feet.

The pros and cons of the Asics Gel-Quantum 180 5 running shoes:

The most


  • A masculine and authentic line;

  • A sole with patented technology (GEL);

  • An ultra-breathable 3D mesh upper;

  • Very good cushioning.

The least


  • More suitable for thin feet.

Get the Gel-Quantum 180 model

MIZUNO Wave Ultima 7: women's running shoes ideal for supinating strides

Running shoes MIZUNO Wave Ultima 7 - DR

The MIZUNO Wave Ultima 7 running shoes are both light and efficient.

They let the foot breathe while providing excellent arch support and shock absorption during a run on asphalt.

Adapted to supinator strides, these running shoes will be perfect for outdoor use, preferably in dry weather since unfortunately not very waterproof.

The pros and cons of the MIZUNO Wave Ultima 7 running shoes:

The most


  • Lightweight and flexible;

  • Adapted to the supinator pitch (wear on the right outside);

  • An openwork upper;

  • A thick sole with good cushioning.

The least


  • Little waterproof.

Get the Wave Ultima 7 model

ASICS Roadblast: elegant and efficient running shoes for women

ASICS Roadblast running shoes - DR

ASICS Roadblast running shoes are suitable for asphalt races as well as indoor sports.

Lightweight and comfortable, they support the foot perfectly with each stride.

Highly breathable, these women's running shoes have good cushioning and help reduce shock to the joint.

On the other hand, they show signs of weakness after several hours of intensive use and are intended more for occasional use.

The pros and cons of ASICS Roadblast running shoes:

The most


  • Comfort balanced between flexibility and firmness;

  • Good support and excellent cushioning;

  • A very breathable upper;

  • Easy to put on and take off.

The least


  • Not recommended for intensive use

Get the ASICS Roadblast model

PUMA Tazon 6 FM: durable and comfortable men's running shoes

Running shoes PUMA Tazon 6 FM - DR

The PUMA brand is always inspired by iconic lines to create its new models of running shoes, like the PUMA Tazon 6 FM.

Lightweight and comfortable, these men's running shoes are no less robust and efficient.

Although they have poor cushioning that does not appreciate rough terrain, these shoes will still be perfect for use on asphalt or indoors.

The pros and cons of the PUMA Tazon 6 FM running shoes:

The most


  • A timeless line;

  • Very comfortable and light;

  • Good estimate of sizes;

  • A breathable upper.

The least


  • Low cushioning.

Get the PUMA Tazon 6 FM model

Monrinda sneakers: unisex, non-slip running shoes

Monrinda running shoes - DR

Very pretty thanks to a combination of original shades, Monrinda sneakers are unisex running shoes and are available in different shades.

Perfect for running on the treadmill or indoors, these trainers hold the foot in place while letting it breathe.

However, we regret a lack of cushioning of the sole, which is why these shoes are not recommended for intensive practice or outdoors.

The pros and cons of Monrinda running shoes:

The most


  • Ultra-breathable fabric;

  • An air-cushioned non-slip sole;

  • Great flexibility;

  • Ideal for indoor use.

The least


  • Low cushioning.

Get the Minrinda model

Nike Tanjun: lightweight and comfortable running shoes for women

Nike Tanjun Running Shoes - DR

Preferred for occasional use, Nike Tanjun running shoes also have the advantage of being versatile.

They can thus be worn as everyday shoes.

On the performance side, the sole has good cushioning and the structure maintains the foot well.

However, it will be necessary to turn to another model for a more intensive practice of running.

The pros and cons of Nike Tanjun running shoes:

The most


  • Lightweight and very comfortable;

  • Ultra-breathable;

  • A subtly vintage style;

  • Good maintenance of the arch of the foot.

The least


  • Slightly pessimistic size estimate.

Get the Nike Tanjun model

Choosing the best running shoes (for men and women) cannot be improvised, as every foot and every need is different.

Take into account your level and any constraints (wearing an orthopedic insole, irregular stride, etc.) before choosing the ideal pair for you.

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