China News Service, February 25th. According to a report on the 24th of the US Chinese website, a latest court document shows that Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former US President Trump, accepted it earlier this month. A forensic investigation by the office of Attorney General Karl Racine in Washington, DC, who is pursuing a lawsuit over the abuse of funds by the former Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  Recently, Racine disclosed in court documents submitted that Donald Trump Jr. provided testimony on February 11 when he was asked about a hotel room contract signed by the Trump Organization during the week of the 2017 inauguration.

The document stated that Donald Trump Jr.'s testimony "raised further questions."

  The document shows that the contact person for this hotel contract is Lindsay Santoro, who worked for the Trump Organization and served as an administrative assistant to Donald Trump Jr., and the authorized signature on the contract is Donald Trump Jr. Pu's close friend Beach (Gentry Beach).

However, the invoice for the hotel room was transferred to the Trump inaugural committee in July 2017, and the latter paid nearly $50,000 for the room.

  Racine asked the judge to allow more time for them to obtain further materials and confessions. The document stated that they encountered "a lot of obstacles, including misleading testimony, closed hotels, and after the deadline for issuing evidence requests on February 8. New information disclosed."

  Documents show that Los Madison Hotel has been closed due to the epidemic and has changed owners twice.

  Racine’s office filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization and the former president’s inaugural committee in 2020, accusing the committee of misuse of funds to feed the Trump family.

One of the allegations alleges that the Inaugural Committee misused funds at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., including spending on private parties for Trump’s three oldest children.

  Court documents say that in December 2020, Racine's office conducted a forensic investigation on Trump's inaugural committee vice chairman Rick Gates and White House adviser Ivanka.