• Linares. Two policemen arrested for beating a man and his daughter

  • Linares. 13 detainees and 19 officers injured during the protests by the attack by two police officers on a man and his 14-year-old daughter

  • Linares.The policemen, accused of injuries aggravated with cruelty

The man who was attacked along with his 14-year-old daughter on the terrace of a bar in Linares (Jaén) by two off-duty police officers has declared as an under investigation after a complaint by the agents for injuries and an attack on the authority, according to his lawyer has informed Efe.

According to the lawyer of Carlos M., the victim of the attack, his statement is a normal procedure when there are cross complaints.

Likewise, he has denied that there is any order that accuses him of anything, only a statement in his double condition of being investigated and affected, after

the complaint by both policemen for injuries and an attack against the authority


The events took place on February 12 around seven in the afternoon on the terrace of a bar in Linares when the two off-duty police officers, after a collision outside the bar, attacked the man and his 14-year-old daughter, while they were recorded by several witnesses who disseminated the videos through social networks.


policemen blamed, in their statement before the judge, the victim for having started the fight

, and justified the subsequent aggression by assuring that they were trying to keep him from leaving the place so that he would be detained by his companions for an attack on authority.

One of the two policemen, according to the reports of injuries that appear in the report, had hardly any injuries, while the other would have suffered the loss of a tooth, contusions to the head and face, erosions in the knees, and cervical and low back pain .

For his part, Carlos M. presented, among other injuries, bruises on the head, bruises on the cheekbones and the frontal area, fracture of the bones of the nose, erosions in the lower limbs, and a fracture of the internal wall of the orbit left with partial herniation of extraconal fat and the middle third of the medial rectus muscle.

The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Linares, acting as guard, ordered in the early morning of February 13 to 14, the

entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bail of the two agents

for an alleged crime of "aggravated injuries for the use of dangerous methods or forms "in which" cruelty "mediated.

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