China Overseas Chinese Network, February 25. According to the US "World Journal" report, due to the improvement of the epidemic situation in the region, San Mateo County in the Central Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area finally got rid of the most serious "purple" level in the surveillance of the epidemic. Into the "red" level.

This means that the ban on indoor dining in the county that has been implemented for several months may be loosened.

  Liu Yikun from the Bay Area works for The Peninsula Restaurant Group.

She said that tears filled her eyes when she saw the news that San Mateo County had entered the "red" level.

"I really want to cry. The past year has been too bitter." Because it is difficult to arrange, sometimes the colleagues in the kitchen and the front desk are very busy. Now she is going through the difficult times, which makes her excited.

  Many catering companies have been affected by the epidemic, and their switching on and off is erratic, which also makes restaurants very passive in the decision to purchase goods and hire employees.

  Beginning in March last year, the restaurant initially banned dine-in, and later opened outdoor dining, and then opened a small part of the indoor dine-in service with a 25% occupancy rate.

However, the epidemic worsened at the end of last year. Local governments gradually banned indoor and outdoor dine-in, and there was no restaurant dine-in service during Christmas and New Year.

During the New Year's Day, there were also catering industry gatherings, requesting the restoration of outdoor dining, thinking that the risk of infection from outdoor dining is small.

  It is now possible to reopen dine-in, Liu Yikun said, and finally saw the light.

She also said that the Chinese food industry is now struggling very hard, and she can't bear to see colleagues and colleagues struggling to survive.

  In San Francisco, Mayor Brid expects to go from the purple level to the red level next week, but whether the ban on indoor dining in the restaurant industry will be loosened is unknown.

San Francisco currently allows outdoor dining.

(Li Han)