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in 4 days

Last week, the number of deaths was higher than expected. An

estimated 3,600 people died

last week

, more than 150 more than expected, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Friday, based on preliminary death figures.

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adjusted downwards by RIVM

The estimate of the mortality rate from the coronavirus has been

adjusted downwards by RIVM

this week.

The institute did this after questions from



Until Tuesday, the percentage of infected people who die was 1.3 percent, according to the RIVM website.

This has now been adjusted to 'between 1 and 1.3 percent'.

A difference of 0.3 percent can save thousands of deaths depending on the number of corona infections.

The newspaper pointed out to RIVM that the stated percentage of 1.3 percent deviated from the 1 percent used by the Netherlands in recent months.

A RIVM spokesperson confirmed the difference at

NRC on


the difference and had the number adjusted on the website.

The number now shows the bandwidth of multiple studies.

For example, one study came out at 1 percent and another at 1.3 percent.

However, the latter number was used up to and including Monday.

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According to De Jonge, the website for planning a corona test meets the requirements again

The website where people can schedule a corona test or view the results of the test again meets the safety requirements for DigiD, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) writes in a letter to House of Representatives.

To schedule an appointment or to view a test result, a user must log in with DigiD.

Security requirements apply for this.

Privacy-sensitive data, such as a BSN number, is linked to a DigiD.

Coronatest.nl did not meet six requirements.

According to the GGD there are no indications that malicious parties have taken advantage of this.

It is not known which problems were involved.



reported that three problems fell into the 'high risk' category.

If the problems continued, it would no longer be possible to use DigiD for the site.

Scheduling online tests and viewing results would therefore become impossible.

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British corona variant in almost all EU countries, EC out of concern about mutations

The British corona


has been found in almost all EU member states, according to a meeting of the European Commission on Thursday.

The South African variety has emerged in fourteen EU countries, and the Brazilian in seven.

"We still have a major challenge ahead of us,"


chairman Ursula von der Leyen.

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Curfew on Curaçao relaxed

The Curaçao Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath announced on Thursday afternoon (local time) that the curfew on the island will start one hour later on Friday and only applies between midnight and 4.30 a.m.

Catering establishments with a permit can therefore remain open until 11 p.m.

The relaxation is a result of contamination figures that have been falling for some time.

Curaçao also started vaccinating on Wednesday.

However, not all measures can be taken off the table.

For example, no concerts or other events may be organized yet.

Sports activities can allow a limited audience to a maximum of 250 people.

Casinos may now remain open until 11pm.

However, no alcohol may be served in casinos.

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The most important corona news of Thursday, February 25


  • On





    5,048 new positive corona tests

    , which is more than the average in the past seven days (4,487).

  • At the moment 

    1,887 corona patients are in Dutch hospitals

    , four more than Wednesday.

  • The

    Trimbos Institute

    notes an increase in the number of

    psychological complaints

     during the corona crisis

    on the basis of a poll among nearly 

    1,300 adults.

  • Fieldlab


    four corona trial events

    in the first two weeks of March are completely sold out, the events website reports

  • Mayors in the Security Council



    gyms and catering establishments

    in a statement 

    , after the entrepreneurs announced actions because their business should remain closed for the time being.

  • The

    Amsterdam Vondelpark

     is temporarily closed on Thursday afternoon because it is too busy, the municipality says on Twitter.

    The municipality only allowed people who were already present in the Vondelpark to leave the park.


  • AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot 

    says he is disappointed that the production and delivery of the pharmaceutical's corona vaccine to the European Union is disappointing.

    "Just as disappointed as you", the CEO told the European Parliament on Thursday.

  • The 

    European Medicines



    is making it easier for pharmaceutical companies to market modified versions of their corona vaccine.

  • Globally


    more than 2.5 million people have died

    of the virus

    since the start of the corona pandemic

    , according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

  • The 

    British police


    distributed almost 70,000 fines

    for violation of rules corona.

    These went to people who refused to wear masks or organized illegal parties, police organization NPCC reports.

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