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C. Allain / 20 Minutes

The scam is not new, but continues to claim victims.

An inhabitant of Doubs was swindled via the Internet, for an amount of 15,000 euros, reports

L'Est Républicain


Called the “grazer” scam, it is often carried out from certain African countries without a cooperation agreement with French justice and often targets vulnerable people.

The crooks first spotted their victim who was constantly consulting the pages dedicated to the singer Alizée.

Then they contacted her pretending to be her.

A virtual romance is born, and the trap has closed.

The false Alizée asked him for money, on the pretext of wanting to repatriate a large inheritance from Africa… Prepaid cards, small remittances of money, fake websites, the victim owes his salvation only to his family who discovered the pot aux roses and immediately seized justice and the gendarmerie.

A family that now wishes to alert on this scam.


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