Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian: The vaccine donated by the Chinese government will arrive in Manila on the 28th

  China News Service, Manila, February 25 (Reporter Guan Xiangdong) On February 25, local time, Huang Xilian, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, announced to the Filipino people on social media that the Chinese government had donated 600,000 doses of the domestic Coxing vaccine "CoronaVac" It will arrive in Manila on Sunday (February 28).

To achieve this goal, the teams from China and the Philippines have been working day and night.

Data map: KULTURA, a famous national gift shop in the Makati business district in the CBD of Manila, the Philippines, sells jewelry to customers wearing masks and face masks.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Guan Xiangdong

  Huang Xilian wrote that helping each other in difficult times is the fine tradition of China and the Philippines.

Friends in need are true friends.

China’s donation of vaccines to the Philippines once again proves the unity between our two peoples and the deep friendship and partnership.

  "I want to thank everyone who has worked hard to achieve this goal! I hope that these vaccines will help initiate mass vaccination efforts in the Philippines, curb the new crown virus pandemic, and return the lives of the Filipino people to normal as soon as possible." Huang Xi Even wrote.

  Huang Xilian said that we will continue to work together to fight the new crown epidemic. The friendship and partnership between China and the Philippines continue to develop and deepen in the process of fighting the epidemic.

  On February 22, the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had officially approved the emergency use permit (EUA) for the new crown vaccine produced by Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd. in China.

  On February 24, Philippine Presidential Spokesperson Harry Locke stated at a press conference at the Presidential Palace that a handover ceremony will be held when the Coxing vaccine donated by the Chinese government arrives in the Philippines.

President Duterte has expressed his hope to witness the handover and express his gratitude to China.