China News Service, February 25. According to a comprehensive Greek media report by the Greek "China Greek Times", at around 5 am local time on February 23, in the center of Athens, Greece, at Midaksuio, a Chinese teenager came from three The apartment fell down and died unfortunately.

  The nearby residents noticed the situation and notified the police. At that time, he was covered with blood and died after being sent to the hospital.

According to reports, the teenager lived with his parents in this apartment before his death, but his parents said that they did not know why the child fell.

It is worth noting that a stool was found beside the body.

  The police went to the scene immediately after the incident. The police are currently investigating whether this was an accident or a crime.

  According to an insider in the Chinese Overseas District of Athens, the teenager was likely to commit suicide by jumping from a building. The reason may be psychological problems arising from studies, life, social interaction, and the Internet, which ultimately caused irreparable consequences.

(Zhu Tianhao)