Where was Tiger Woods going, and why was he in such a hurry that he was driving at a “harder than normal” pace at the time of the accident?

According to TMZ, Woods was late for the meeting.

According to the site, Woods was on his way to the Riviera Golf Course, about an hour’s drive away.

He was to give Yankee football star Drew Brees a golf lesson.

This was done at 7.30 in the morning.

Woods left his hotel shortly before seven in the morning, so he was late.

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Coincidentally, the television series Grown-ish was filmed in the same hotel.

Oliver Konteh, a member of the series ’filming team, told TMZ that Woods was crashing with the producer of the TV series when the golf star left in a hurry from the hotel parking lot.

Woods was already driving fast in the parking lot and was hitting the pilot’s car.

The director was shocked by the situation to the point that he told his film crew about it.

TMZ also says that according to those present, Woods looked “impatient and angry” when he could not get out of the parking lot quickly.

Another car appeared on the road of his Genesis car, loaded with luggage.

When another car got out of his way, Woods would shoot “to drive hard”.

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TMZ also released a surveillance camera image along the way, where Woods ’car is seen rumbling past the camera at a brisk pace.

The scene is a few miles before the scene of the accident.

Woods ’driving speed at the time of the accident is not known, but it was“ faster than normal, ”as the authorities described.

On the exit, Woods' car spun around the roof many times.

Woods suffered serious leg injuries in Turma.

According to the first authorities to appear, it was not apparent from Woods that he was under the influence of any substance.

According to TMZ, police did not find anything illegal in Woods' car.