The details of Tiger Woods ’serious car accident are clear piece by piece, but there are still several things that remain open to the general public.

These things are not known

1. Speed ​​at the time of the accident

Two key issues are still obscured.

Police said at a news conference after the accident that Woods was driving “harder than normal,” but more specifically, they did not tell or describe Woods ’speed.

The surveillance camera video released by TMZ shows Woods driving a few miles before the crash site, too, at a brisk pace.

2. Why didn't Woods brake?

Another thing is the real reason for the expulsion.

In other words, why Woods drove out on a quiet stretch of road after seven in the morning is not yet known.

According to the information provided by the authority, there are no traces of tires in the Woods accident area, such as signs of emergency braking.

According to CNN official sources, it can take days or even weeks for the cause of the accident to be determined and if driving speed, fatigue or driving error have played a role.

It’s also possible that Woods has hit something on the road surface and lost control of his car.

3. Do the car safety devices work?

The run-off happened despite the fact that the Genesis GV80 SUV used by Woods is, according to the company's own data, the safest of all its models.

According to Autoweek magazine, the safety features of the GV80 include:

a steering assistant to help prevent cam crashes, a lane-change assistant in the event of an impending collision, and aids to get the driver's attention if sensors inside the car detect, for example, that the driver is not awake.

Tiger Woods' car suffered serious damage, but the car's solid collision zone probably saved the life of a golf star. Photo: Gene Blevins / MVPhotos / Zuma

The car has several other active and passive safety features.

Authorities said the collision zones supporting the car were likely to save Woods' life.

- Fortunately, the interior of the car remained more or less together.

It gave him the security he needed to survive an accident that would otherwise have been fatal, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.

The car airbags deployed normally at the time of the accident.

4. Why did Woods drive speeding and behave impatiently?

According to TMZ, Woods was on his way to the Riviera Golf Course, about an hour’s drive away.

He was to give Yankee football star Drew Brees a golf lesson.

This was made to begin at 7.30am.

Woods left his hotel shortly before seven in the morning, so he was late.

This may have affected the state of mind of the golf star, as bystanders said Woods was “impatient and angry”.

Woods was also close to driving a crash already in the parking lot with another car.

These things are known

1. Injuries

Woods suffers serious leg injuries.

According to the doctor, both Woods' right leg and tibia broke at several points and broke the skin of the leg.

The bones were supported by a rod placed in the tibia.

Muscle and soft tissue injuries also had to be treated with surgery to reduce the pressure in the leg caused by swelling.

An exact recovery forecast is not yet available.

2. Place of accident

The accident occurred at 7:12 local time in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Also called the Crash Colony, the place is located in a prosperous suburb of Los Angeles.

Woods' car was lifted by crane off the side of the road. Photo: Gene Blevins / MVPhotos / Zuma

Woods drove out under a steep hill at a point where there are widenings on the side of the road for heavy vehicles having difficulty controlling their car after a downhill.

The place has become known for its fatal crashes.

In addition, severe speeding has been measured on the road.

3. Accident

Woods' car hit the center of the road first before it collided with oncoming traffic on the side of the road.

A luxury car driven by Woods spun several times through the roof and ended up about thirty feet from the road.

There were no other vehicles involved in the Woods drive-out.

Conditions such as rain or fog were not factors, as the weather at the time of the crash was good.

Woods had a seat belt fastened, and the car’s airbags deployed normally.

3. Woods condition at the time of the accident

According to the authorities present, Woods seemed rational.

There were no signs of alcohol or drug use, for example, and nothing illegal was found in the car.

Police investigate Woods car damage. Photo: Gene Blevins / MVPhotos / Zuma

Authorities are investigating Tiger Woods' car. Photo: Gene Blevins / MVPhotos / Zuma