Brazilian 19-year-old Ingrid “SOL” Oliveira Bueno da Silva has been found killed.

The death of Oliveira, who played Call of Duty: Mobile, has been confirmed by the FBI E-sports team.

Brazil's ESPN and Dexerto, for example, reported on the matter.

The body of Oliveira was found on Monday in a private residence in the Pirituba district, north of São Paulo.

He died of stabbing.

Another player, 20-year-old Guilherme “Flashlight” Alves Costa, has been arrested on suspicion of killing, according to news sources.

The body was found in Alves Costa's apartment.

He also recorded Oliveira’s death and posted pictures and videos of his body on various social media channels.

The duo had met each other online.

Alves Costa had planned to kill for a good time and kept notes.

An arrest video is circulating on the internet, in which he says he is “completely sane” and “wanted to do this,” that is, to kill Oliveira.

Alves Costa has also uploaded a 52-page manifesto to the web.

19-year-old Oliveira played the super-popular mobile version of the competitively popular Call of Duty series.

He represented the FBI E-sports team, whose Finnish channels have been filled with participation messages.

The nickname “SOL” used by the player means sun in Portuguese.

- He was a special person we will remember every day as the sun rises, wrote Instagram member FBI E-sports team Krony on Instagram.

Oliveira's death has been widely quoted in various gaming circles.

There has been enough talk about the case, and especially about the situation of women in the gaming world, especially on Twiter.

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Killing of women in Brazil is unfortunately common, according to ESPN.

In 2018, more than 4,500 women were killed in the country - virtually every other hour.

Brazilian professor Lola Aronovich said on Twitter that she had received an email from Alves Costa that included videos that the professor did not watch, however.

Alves Costa said in an email that more attacks on women are promised.

Aronovich, known as a feminist, stated that Oliveira was a so-called femicide victim, meaning he died because of his gender.

In Brazilian esports circles, women are constantly under intimidation, tweeted mourning appeals for Oliveira’s death by Jaguares Esports, a tweet that has spread very widely.

According to Jaguares ’tweets, there is no separate race series for women in Call of Duty: Mobile, which is why women and men have to compete with each other.

This affects the careers and opportunities of many female players when they are subjected to “machining,” or at worst, harassment and intimidation.

Oliveira’s death became an international topic only hours after gaming company Riot Games announced it would start supporting “substantial sums” in a new series of races aimed only at female players and other minority groups.

Esports is still very much a male-dominated industry.