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  • Salud Quique San Francisco, admitted with severe bilateral pneumonia

More than 40 days

have passed


Quique San Francisco

was admitted to the Hospital Clínico de Madrid due to

severe bilateral pneumonia, a

disease that keeps him in the ICU.

The main problem is that what the actor suffers from is

necrotizing pneumonia

that, in addition, was complicated by another bacterial strain, according to the website of


Quique's admission to the hospital occurred

in the midst of Filomena storm

and while the city of Madrid remained collapsed and paralyzed under the snow, it was a police friend of the interpreter who managed to assist him and take him to the emergency room.

At that time, San Francisco was already in serious condition and

could barely stand

or breathe, but his fear of hospitals caused him to delay the time to go until he put himself in danger.

As soon as he entered, he

was intubated and sedated

and, although he had a widespread infection, he has not had to undergo surgery as he is being

treated with antibiotics.

In conversation with the aforementioned publication, Quique has confessed that

he is desperate

to leave the hospital.

The comedian emphasizes that they treat him wonderfully and that he has no complaints beyond the despair caused by such

a long admission

and the fact that he still cannot walk and

continues to use a respirator.

Enrique has taken the opportunity to point out that what he suffers from is pneumonia that has nothing to do with the life of excesses that he himself has confessed to having led during his wildest times.



is upset at the statements that have linked his current illness with

his past addictions

and emphasizes the fact that, although it is true that a bad life has its consequences, what he is suffering right now is a serious pneumonia

caused by a bacterium.

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